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Covers visas from the TN category which covers qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens with temporary entry into the United States to engage in business activities at a professional level.

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Canadian citizen, TN worker, commute daily from Canada: am I a US person for tax purposes?

I only have citizenship of Canada. I work for a US company on TN Status. I commute daily from home in Canada to office in US and back. I do not reside in the US. I get a W2 and file taxes with the IRS ...
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Tax income dependents kids for this year - non resident visa (TN)

This year I'm receiving less than the amount received last year for the income-tax federal refund. I used creditkarma and I'm using it again. For the last year's tax income, we added +1 dependent and ...
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TN VISA Tax+ Spouse F1 Visa Taxes

My husband is a Canadian citizen and he is working in USA on a TN visa. I am in Canada on a Work Permit and I am not a PR yet. I have two questions: Am I considered as a tie for my husband to Canada ...
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Taxes after moving to USA from Canada

I just moved to New York from Toronto, Canada and I'm trying to understand how much I'm going to be taxed on my income. I'm single without any complicated investments. I'm a Canadian citizen in New ...
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Non-resident alien in the US working in Canada under a TN Visa - Determining sponsor for tax purposes?

I am a Canadian citizen (and resident) who did a 4-month internship in California under a TN visa (as a non-resident alien) in 2014. I am filing out form 8843 for tax purposes, and it is asking for ...
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Is it true that as long as you are on a TN visa you have to file taxes in Canada as residents?

My husband has been working in the USA on a TN visa since August 2012. Me and my son moved to USA in August 2014. My husband has been filing taxes in the US as a non-resident and in Canada as a ...
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