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2 votes
1 answer

Are Unique Options FX and Unique Options a scam?

I invested in Bitcoin through Unique Options FX I paid fee after fee after more fees. Unique Options FX was closed and Unique-Options has been opened. Now ...
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Can I make an insurance claim against the YMCA for the damage and theft from my car, which happened in their parking lot?

Clarification: Yes, we were negligent in placing the handbag in the rear passenger seat. We thought since it was dark and in an enclosed and busy parking lot, and the passenger windows were tinted, it ...
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What would the criminal charge be? [closed]

I have a very particular question for a figurative situation. In this scenario one has discovered that while shopping from a certain retailer online. That if you order same day delivery and you pay ...
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Am i being used for bank fraud [duplicate]

I have been speaking to a girl in Nigeria she promised to visit me but but twice didn't show up said she loved me although never met. Asked for money multiple times asked for bank details and says she ...
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What can you do if money is missing/stolen from a wallet?

I have found out just now that my mother has lost a decent lump of money (in my terms, $55 to $70) and it couldn't have just randomly disappeared. I am kind of concerned as my mother is and kind of ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Insurance for expensive items in carry-on moving from US -> Canada

I'm repatriating from the U.S. to Canada. My apartment is ending my lease on the day I fly out, then I'll be staying in a hotel for a while before moving to permanent housing. I have some antiques ...
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Somebody I haven't met wants me to open a bank account without having money, but won't tell me why. Is this a scam? [closed]

I've already bought her gift cards and sent the information online.
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Do financial institutions cover customers for cases of cybertheft?

No cybersecurity is perfect; accounts can be hacked at any time. If I find that a hacker has stolen the money in my bank or broker account, does the financial institution cover that; or is it my loss,...
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12 votes
2 answers

Do stolen share certificates belong to the thief?

If someone steals a $5 banknote from me, that $5 is effectively gone if I have no information about the thief. For all practical purposes, the $5 is no longer mine; it is the thief's. The thief can ...
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