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401(k) investment after being fired. Do I own it?

A friend was released from their job after 4 years, not vested. I understand 5 years are required to be vested. Are they entitled to the contributions they made to the 401(k)?
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In the U.S., do you get paid for vacation days untaken when you leave a job?

In the U.S., do you get paid for vacation days untaken when you leave a job?
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If I have a pension with my employer and then leave, is the pension mine to take with me?

Is the answer to this different if I choose to leave, versus if my employment is terminated? Are the funds my employer contributes towards my pension fund treated differently than the ones I ...
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What happens when your Canadian ETF shuts down?

I just got a notice that an ETF I own will termiate in 2 months if the shareholders don't vote for an extension. I understand that if I kept the shares until the termination date, I would get a ...
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Ramifications of closing my Wells Fargo cash secured credit card only 3 months after opening

How do I continue using my Wells Fargo cash secured credit card once they change their ToS and start charging a $15+ monthly account service fee in addition to the $18 secured credit card fee from ...
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During the cobra 60 days election period, can I go to the doctor?

I was recently terminated and my health insurance stopped working. I got the cobra option, but I didn't sign up to it yet as I have 60 days to do so. My question is: Can I go to the doctor in this ...
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Canceling a Rental lease hours after signing

I am looking for an apartment and I came across a property management that had some rentals available. The person in the leasing office of the property management gave me a sheet with buildings ...
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The penalty on early redemption of a personal loan

According to the TOS written here: (bottom of page 51) 37.2 The following terms and charges will apply if you close the CashOne ...
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Cashing in unused holiday days when leaving a job: how not to get ripped off? [UK]

If you leave your job, and have several days holiday left, how can you be sure to get them? For example, you have a 1 months notice period, and you have 15 days holiday left, you probably can't use ...
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What happens to the NOT vested balance when my former employer switches 401k companies?

I have a complicated 401k situation. I had a contract job and the contract I was on got cancelled. I did not voluntarily quit, and I was not fired with cause. My contract was cancelled due to a ...
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In pay stubs what are "vacation payout"?

At a few jobs I've had there's been a small amount on my pay stub called "Vacation Payout". What exactly is this? I tried reading the legislation but am confused. Is it basically saying each ...
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What affect does taking a short term contract or part time job have on EI?

I was recently terminated due to lack of work. I applied for EI. If I were to get a short term contract (like a couple months) or a part time job as an employee, how would this affect the EI? I know ...
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After opting out from the long-term care payroll tax in Washington by purchasing a qualifying long-term-care insurance, can one drop the insurance?

After opting out from the newly established long-term care payroll tax in Washington state by purchasing a qualifying long-term-care insurance, can one terminate the contract with the insurance? Or ...
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At termination, can companies compensate vacation days with vacation pay at less than fair value?

Being let go, I have 15 days vacation accrued. They want to pay: salary × 15 days / 365 days = 4.1% of salary But suppose someone accrues 260 days of vacation, this corresponds to 52 weeks of 5 ...
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When exactly can someone collect Employment Insurance benefits (EI) in Canada?

When is a Canadian eligible for EI and likely to get it? To my understanding it depends on: how much money they are making if they have paid into EI from previous work how their last job ended The ...
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Early Lease Termination

If I am served with a letter from Management indicating that my lease expires 1/29/2020 and it will not get renewed and if i am not out of the apartment by 12/30/2019 will receive an eviction notice....
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FSA when a retirement agreement has been put into place

If I take advantage of retirement incentive in which I agree in November to retire effective June 30 of the the following year, can I may I make the same elections for the FSA as if no such ...
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What is a temporary layoff and how is it different than a regular one?

What exactly is a temporary layoff and how is it different than a normal one? How does it affect EI? If the company asks me to return to work, either in the same position or a different one, am I ...
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What constitutes "close to being vested" in ERISA claims for illegal termination to avoid paying pension benefits?

Sometimes a company will lay off workers who are approaching their term of service when their pension benefits will vest. So, for example, let's say an employee's pension plan vests at 30 years of ...
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What happens with a credit card account in Germany after the card is blocked/closed?

I have an everyday account in a bank in Germany and a Visa credit card account in the same bank. At the end of each month the negative credit card balance is automatically balanced by an automated ...
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