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Tenancy in Common is a specific type of concurrent, or simultaneous, ownership of real property by two or more parties.

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Can unmarried Tenants in Common report investment property income/expenses on their Schedule E's or do they need a partnership entity?

Thank you in advance to whoever decides to read this and offer their insight. A friend and I own residential rental properties as Tenants in Common, 50/50 split under our TIC agreement. We have a ...
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18 votes
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Buying a house with my new partner as Tenants in common. How do we work out what is fair for us both?

My new partner (7 years new!) are buying our first house together. We are both in our late 40s and have been divorced for some years. I have more equity to put down to purchase the house, but he earns ...
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3 votes
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My ex boyfriend and I bought a house as tenants in common and it is ruining my credit score

My ex boyfriend and I bought a house as tenants in common more than a decade ago. Due to his abuse I left the house in 2002. After 10 years of trying to force the sell or buy me out, in 2012 he did, ...
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Calculating equity split in selling a property

Purchased a property with another person in 1998. We remained equitable partners until April, 2009 when the other party stopped paying their share of the mortgage, condo fees, property tax, upkeep. I ...
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