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What are the consequences of breaking a lease and leaving the country as non-citizen in Ohio

I have a lease until the end of September 2024 in Ohio. I’m a non-citizen who is going back to his home country in the beginning of May. I might have a cancer and I don’t have an insurance in the U.S ...
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Medical Transfer Apartment Lease

I did a medical transfer from one apartment to a smaller one. I wasn’t given a date of when everything needed to be removed from the old apartment. Can I be charged rent on both apartments if I was ...
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Am I supposed to buy insurance when renting apartments in the US?

Are tenants supposed to have some kind of rented property damage insurance? What are the customs in the US? In other words: should I find an insurance company that covers expenses if I damage anything ...
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Can my landlord live in a property I rent if I move out before the lease ends?

We moved out two months earlier than our lease ends, but are still fully prepared to keep paying rent until May. We were responsible for getting the lawn mowed, so I had my dad go mow it. While he was ...
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What is my responsibility as a landlord to providing internet, power, gas, and curtains?

I am a first time landlord in Philadelphia, PA with tenants moving in in two weeks. As the title suggests, I am not sure how to handle transfers of utilities to tenants. To be clear, I am not asking ...
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Is it appropriate for me to ask my prospective tenants about their relationship?

I am a first time landlord in the United States. I am looking to rent out my Philadelphia, PA condo to two people. Two of the applicants (applying together) are promising in terms of their financials, ...
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Can I raise the listed rent on a rental property due to high demand?

I a US citizen living in the US looking to rent my Philadelphia condo unit. I put the listing on Zillow and had undercut neighboring rental listing to ensure I got tenant applicants, as I was nervous (...
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