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Sharing my Google Pay account with my 16-year-old

How can I share my Google Pay account with my 16-year-old so they can use it from their phone? I already have Google pay set up on my phone. Thank you! I'd appreciate any help with this!
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Does Auto insurance remain in effect for teen driver, if policy holders die

Sorry to ask this weird question. Auto insurance is bought by Parents and names Parents as insured and lists teenager as authorized driver. God forbid, if for some reason parents die( in auto or non ...
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Should I buy a 23k hyundai elantra at 18?

With the car market being so insane right now it’s hard to find a car worth spending my money on. I live in LA so that’s probably making it worse, but I chose to go to a community college for 2 years ...
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Am I in a sugar momma scam? What’s should I do in my situation? [duplicate]

I was approached through direct message by a female account on Instagram (which seemed to be catfished) saying that she is a “sugar mummy” willing to pay $300 weekly for a sugar baby. “She” basically ...
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Purchase/money/allowance management for teenagers

I have two kids older than 13 but younger than 18. One is 16+. As they start making their own purchasing decisions, I'm trying to set things up to be convenient for everyone. My current problems are: ...
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Why a W9 is needed for firstinspires Kids Robotics

Some kids(including mine) are doing LEGO competition and for that they received $500 ( yet to actually receive) from a corporation for their expenses( about $3K) pooled between them. To get this $...
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How to use stocks certificate as a gift to a teenager?

I want to use a stock certificate as a gift to a teenager. Is there any secure way of achieving this?
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