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Do non-revenue flight tickets incur tax liabilities on the individual who obtained or used the ticket in the United States?

Airline employees often have access to so-called non-revenue flight tickets, for themselves or their surroundings. Do non-revenue flight tickets incur tax liabilities on the individual who obtained or ...
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Does Germany has a Tax law similar to Like-kind exchange ( section 1031 of IRS in US)?

I am 24 year old software developer living in Germany. I am an expat here and I am about to receive my permanent residence (Niederlassungserlaubnis) in a year. I am very interested in investments ...
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UK: National Insurance on employee loans when there is no interest benefit

HMRC states that you have to report on a P11D and pay Class 1A National Insurance on the value of any benefit when a 'beneficial loan' is made to an employee.
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Tax deduction for unclaimed commuter benefit

I paid for a few months of a commuter benefit I never used, then left that employer. According to §1.132–9 in the CFR, these funds can't be returned by employers (see Q-14/A-14). So I basically gave ...
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What tax percentage will I pay on this benefit in kind?

I live and work in the UK I'm confused at the amount of the tax I will have to pay on this benefit in kind. Say I earn £50k, and have a benefit in kind for travel which is £2000 (for a yearly season ...
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Employer-Paid relocation as taxable income?

My employer will be reporting nearly $40k in relocation expenses, all directly paid by the employer to the respective companies. (Moving company, etc.) What kind of tax liability am I going to ...
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How do I work out the tax effect of a company car in Germany?

I'm getting a bit confused by the various literature I am reading about German Taxes on driving a company car. I know its 1% of the vehicles list price per month. Is this treated as extra monthly ...
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Double-entry bookkeeping: How to account for non-monetary taxable benefits received from employer?

I'm trying to keep detailed books for my personal finances. One thing I haven't figured out how to represent is various non-monetary taxable benefits that I get at work. For example, a gift or a meal. ...
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