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How do I get relief from double taxation on New Zealand interest under treaty when I have a net foreign passive loss?

As a preliminary, I am a dual citizen of New Zealand and United States, resident in the United States, but I have New Zealand source passive income. Under the New Zealand tax system, interest is ...
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Do Vietnamese F-1 students have a reduced capital gains tax in the US?

From what I know, F-1 students that need to pay capital gains tax in the US have a flat rate of 30%, "unless a tax treaty allows for a reduced rate" (according to the IRS). My question is, &...
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Do the French tax authorities make exceptions regarding the deadline to complete Form 5000 in case of force majeure (e.g., closed IRS center)?

The IRS currently doesn't give any US Residency Certification Program (a.k.a. Form 6166, which can be obtained by filing Form 8802), according to (mirror)...
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