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Do tax professionals have a special phone number to get through to the IRS?

I have an ongoing audit since July 2022. I hired a tax professional to take care of the audit as I was not able to get a person on the phone when I tried calling many times. It's now almost July 2023. ...
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Is it usual for a payer's CPA to ask (demand) that I verify amounts on the 1099 he just issued me?

I do $4000 to $5000 worth of consulting work annually for a small 503(c) non-profit. They sent me my yearly 1099-MISC last week. A few days after I received it, the CPA that handles their books ...
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UK citizen going to freelance overseas - what type of specialist should I talk to for tax/registration advice?

I'm planning to leave the UK for around 12 months and work freelance in a non-EU country. I know there are many things I need to get right in terms of registration and financial declarations, tax ...
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Considerations for switching accountants?

I had a bad experience with my accountant this year. Normally things have gone smoothly enough. But this year was complicated, and I didn't help myself by doing some stuff (not relevant here) to make ...
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Transfer USD to inr

I am a dentist, and I have a patient who is coming from USA for his dental treatment. He wants to transfer money to my bank account, will it attract taxes? If so what's the percentage?
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3 answers

Independent IT Consultant with annual fees less than 10lacs

I have started as an independent IT consultant recently. Since I will be way below the 10 lacs exemption bracket, do I need to have Service Tax Number? Also is it mandatory to get this number and ...
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Income tax on my online drop-shipping business (India)

I am an Indian citizen and I run a semi-drop shipping business. The details are: I deposited 10 lakh through cheque/cash into my Indian savings bank account (PAN not submitted during account opening; ...
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What should I include on a security checklist for choosing a Tax Preparer

I am considering an in-person Tax Preparer vs doing it myself online. I feel a little safer doing it online, but an in-person Preparer can offer advice for complex Tax situations. My concern is that ...
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Indian citizen working from India as freelancer for U.S.-based company. How to report the income & pay tax in India?

I am an Indian citizen and I work from India as a freelancer for an U.S.-based IT company. I am getting monthly payments directly into my Indian bank account. My colleagues' monthly payment come to my ...
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Are tax preparers being regularly audited?

I was helping a friend filling the tax forms the other day, and he offered to pay for my time helping him. I know that it is illegal to be paid for tax preparation without a California license and IRS ...
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