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Is it considered a wash sale if stock is bought twice within 30 days of sale?

Let's say I bought one unit of ABC stock on March 1, 2024 for $100 and another unit on March 2, 2024 for $100. I sold both units of ABC stock for $80 each on March 14, 2024. Assuming I don't buy ABC ...
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Is there a wash sale rule in the UK?

I've heard a lot about wash sales recently from YouTube videos by Americans. I don't know about, and can't seem to find any info on, wash trading in the U.K. (I'm not sure if what I'm about to refer ...
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How do I control how dividends are reinvested in my 401(k)?

I have a 401(k) through Ascensus. I would like to do tax loss harvesting with an index fund I hold in my taxable account and I want to make sure there is no possible wash sale in my 401(k). Therefore, ...
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Convert Trad to Roth IRA during tax year with capital gains losses

I generally prefer to have my retirement savings in a Roth IRA rather than a traditional IRA, so that my returns earn money tax-free. I have a lot of savings in a traditional IRA that I'd like to ...
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How do I realize tax losses on a cryptocurrency I can't sell?

I have a bunch of dead coins that don't have any liquidity on exchanges anymore. Is there a way to sell them or report them to the feds somehow so I can harvest my tax losses? I read about a way that ...
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Managing Income to Facilitate Taking Tax-free Capital Gains

Regarding Capital Gains Tax in U.S.: I am retired, and my only income is what I think is called "passive", e.g. RMDs, dividends, interest, and realized capital gains. My understanding is ...
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Should I realize short term gains to make use of short term losses or offset against long term gains?

Similar to this question, but I’m trying to understand the strategic value of using ST losses. I currently have -$20k in ST losses and +$100k in LT gains. Per my math, if I use it against +$20k in ST ...
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Tax loss-harvesting with Crypto

There are headlines floating around about enforcing wash sale rules for crypto capital gains and losses, this prompted me to look into tax loss-harvesting, and it turns out I don't understand it at ...
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Is this a superficial Loss? Stock Sale and Put Option [duplicate]

I sold 250 shares of a stock at a loss of (-1,000). 2 weeks later bought a single put contract (100 shares) n the same stock. If I sell the put option for profit a few days later, is this a partial ...
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Tax loss harvesting with stocks and ETFs

Suppose I'm taking losses in a set of individual stocks (X, Y, Z ...). What are the US tax implications if I sell all of them, harvest losses for tax purposes, and select an ETF E with significant ...
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Is it possible to view a long position broken down by tax lots in Interactive Brokers?

In my Fidelity account, positions can be viewed broken down by tax lots as follows: I find this incredibly useful when selling securities, because it makes tax-harvesting and other tax saving ...
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If one has short- and long-term capital losses and gains, can one harvest short-term losses to be deducted against short-term capital gains in the US?

In year 2020 I have: - short-term capital losses = 2000 USD - long-term capital losses = 3000 USD - short-term capital gains = 2500 USD - long-term capital gains = 5000 USD Can I harvest the ...
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When harvesting short-term loss, can the losses be deducted against my income if I don't have short-term capital gains, only long-term capital gains?

Regarding tax-loss harvesting in the United States, (mirror) mentions some priorities between short-term capital gains and long-term ...
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Is there any upside in harvesting tax losses on long-term losses instead of short-term losses?

Assume that one has the choice between taking long-term capital losses and short-term capital losses, and assume that, since the year hasn't ended yet, one doesn't know all the short-term and long-...
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