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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of Taiwan

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The last 3 digits swift code entered wrong branch. I asked to recall the international transfer. Where is my money could be?

24 Nov 2023: I send £9000+ from the HSBC UK to Cathay United Bank Taiwan. The money arrived to intermediary bank (CITI BANK UK) soon. And the HSBC app tracker shown the transfer is in progress for 5 ...
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2 answers

Is it illegal to transfer money to my girlfriend in Taiwan?

I am working in America. My girlfriend is in Taiwan. Every month, I will transfer 800 USD to her via Bank of America. Is it illegal? Will it be considered money laundering?
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Foreign inheritance subject to U.S. taxes for permanent resident?

My wife is a permanent legal resident (I am a U.S. Citizen), is the money brought into the United States in the form of an inheritance subject to taxes? Her mother recently passed away in Taiwan and ...
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In-laws want to gift us $100,000 for a house downpayment. Money will be coming from an overseas account

My in-laws (living in US, green card holders), want to gift my wife and me (US citizens) $100,000 for a down payment on a house. The money will be coming in from Taiwan. What do I need to know about ...
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How do I buy shares in companies traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange from the US?

I'm looking to buy (and hold for years) a tiny position in a stock that's traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Are there any online brokers I can do this with? If there are, how much will I have to ...
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make international payment on behalf of another company

A relative of mine is a partner in a company in Greece. The company needs to make an international payment to a company in Taiwan (10.000 EUR) for some equipment they purchased. They do have this sum ...
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