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Is it illegal to transfer money to my girlfriend in Taiwan?

I am working in America. My girlfriend is in Taiwan. Every month, I will transfer 800 USD to her via Bank of America. Is it illegal? Will it be considered money laundering?
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Foreign inheritance subject to U.S. taxes for permanent resident?

My wife is a permanent legal resident (I am a U.S. Citizen), is the money brought into the United States in the form of an inheritance subject to taxes? Her mother recently passed away in Taiwan and ...
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In-laws want to gift us $100,000 for a house downpayment. Money will be coming from an overseas account

My in-laws (living in US, green card holders), want to gift my wife and me (US citizens) $100,000 for a down payment on a house. The money will be coming in from Taiwan. What do I need to know about ...
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How do I buy shares in companies traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange from the US?

I'm looking to buy (and hold for years) a tiny position in a stock that's traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Are there any online brokers I can do this with? If there are, how much will I have to ...
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make international payment on behalf of another company

A relative of mine is a partner in a company in Greece. The company needs to make an international payment to a company in Taiwan (10.000 EUR) for some equipment they purchased. They do have this sum ...
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