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Can I deduct repaid healthcare marketplace subsidy 3 years later

In 2018 I was enrolled in the marketplace and received a subsidy. I made some withdrawals from an IRA that made me ineligible for the subsidy and owed the entire $8700 back. I didn't have it and went ...
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Can ACA subsidy repayment be deducted as medical expenses?

I used ACA in 2018 and received a subsidy based on incorrect information received via phone call with the Health Marketplace regarding what qualified as income. This resulted in me having to payback ...
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Are long-term capital gains considered for ACA subsidy calculation, even if they are taxed with 0%?

If your total income is below a certain limit, long-term capital gains are taxed with 0% (again, up to a certain limit). If you stay below both limits, you are paying zero tax for the year; but - ...
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How to build a credit history, for a 78 year old with none? Turned down for secured card

I helped a 78 year old neighbor apply for a secured credit card but he was turned down for having "no credit history". He has had no credit cards for 30-40 years, no credit accounts, nothing. On ...
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Best ways to defer investment income to qualify for low-income subsidies?

Currently, my only income is from dividends and interest which is about $70k/yr. If I can lower my income, I can pay lower taxes each year and I may qualify for some low-income government subsidies ...
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Should a Low Income College Student Buy Insurance Through the Obamacare Marketplace?

I am an American college student. For 2016, I've made around $8,000 working. My parents, who are not American, and thus live and work overseas have been paying my rent which when I add the money they'...
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I have a one-time payment to receive that would take my social security subsidy. What to do?

I have a social security subsidy from my father's death which is valid for more 2 years. Meanwhile, I did a one-time job as part of a university project I am included. After the work was done, it ...
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Pay Off Unsubsidized Loan with Subsidized Loan?

I'm currently sitting at about $14,000 USD in loan debt, and am still enrolled at university. I will estimate about $10,000 is unsubsidized, making the remaining $4,000 subsidized. I was fortunate ...
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Can subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans be repaid independently of each other?

For an undergraduate student in the U.S., Stafford loans are offered to students and may contain a portion that is subsidized and another portion that is not, both in a single year. Can the ...
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What solar panel subsidies does Australia have right now?

I'm thinking about buying solar panels for my house. Only thing is I'm not sure whether to wait. I've been told that the value of solar power in Australia has remained largely the same - this is ...
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What is a subsidy?

I hear the words 'subsidy' and 'subsidize' sometimes. I've looked around for an answer as to what a subsidy is, but all I can find is convoluted finance jargon that means nothing to me (an average 16 ...
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In Canada, are options available to subsidize conversion of a house into an energy efficient house?

I'm looking to convert a house into a more energy efficient version of it; what options or services can I access, that are specifically designed to help with the financing of the conversion? Has ...
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