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When can I liquidate a position and receive the declared dividend

I’m holding stock in XYZ company and they are paying a dividend on April 3rd but the ex-dividend date is April 4th. In which of those two dates can I sell my stock and still receive the dividend? ...
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Why Dividend Yield differs for the same company on different birga?

Why European tickers of American dividends stocks has not dividend yield? Does it mean that for dividend strategy I should buy on US birgas, not on local European ones? Will it affect my taxes? For ...
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Dividend Coverage Ratio and Preferred Stock

I am looking at investing in a few companies which offer preferred stock. Do their dividend coverage ratios factor in the dividends being paid to preferred shareholders? If not, how can I find or ...
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Does all stock have dividends? and what is the most intelligible definition and concept of dividend?

I keep reading about the stock dividend and cant figure out in my head how it works (Im dumb) can someone enlighten me about how can I fully understand its concept like suggesting some non complicated ...
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Why aren't non-dividend stocks ponzi assets?

I'm trying to see why a non-dividend stock isn't subject to the Greater Fool Theory There's no intrinsic connection between the stock price and actual company profits without dividends. So my question ...
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Can a company announce to give dividends (quarterly) and after two quarters decides not to give dividends?

Can a company announce to give dividends quarterly and after two quarters decides to stop giving dividends? Or it is obligated to do for the remaining two quarters?
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Why doesn’t the stock price fall after the record date for a company splitting stock?

Consider Nvidia — they are splitting their stock 4:1 through a stock dividend. What was preventing someone from buying a share before ex dividend, holding it past the record date and selling, only to ...
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Is there any difference between a 2 for 1 stock split and a 100% stock dividend?

A 2:1 stock split, and a 100% stock dividend seem to have the same effect. Is this really the case, even behind the scenes? Is a 2:1 stock split just a synonym of a 100% stock dividend, or are there ...
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Bermuda missing from S&P's list of Withholding Tax Rates - what's the rate?

S&P Dow Jones publishes a list of Witholding Tax Rates by country here. For some reason, Bermuda is not on this list. What is the rate for Bermuda?
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If an investor does not need an income stream, do dividend stocks have advantages over non-dividend stocks?

My limited understanding is that a stock's share price typically goes down on its ex-dividend date by the amount of the dividend. If that's true, why are dividend equities generally considered good ...
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Does this analogy accurately explain stock ownership?

Let's imagine I have a house which makes me profit because I have tenants. Would you buy a part of the house (less than 50%), if I keep all the profit myself and you know I would never sell it? Is't ...
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What are the implications for GameStop as a company in the aftermath of the current share price surge?

The way that the current short-squeeze of GameStop stock works has been well covered elsewhere and the position of the two investment sides has also been quite clearly documented, but what impact is ...
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How do shareholders benefit from stock dividends?

Dividends could be paid out to investors through cash dividends or stock dividends. In terms of the stock dividend, besides tax advantage when they don't sell out the shares compared to cash dividends,...
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If an investor wants to reinvest dividends, aren't stock dividends better than cash dividends?

When a company pays a cash dividend, the shareholders may need to pay income tax on that dividend. If a shareholder always wishes to reinvest the dividends, cash dividends have a few disadvantages: ...
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Formula to compare the potential earnings of buying the same stock at different prices

If I want to buy an index fund, I could buy it today at the current price, or I could setup a limit order and try to buy it at a lower price. Obviously it's better to get it at the lower price, but ...
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How exactly do I "use" dividend stocks?

I've been reading about dividend stock and identified some possible candidates. However I'm still not sure I understand how it works and which one to buy: Some companies list more than one stock (e....
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Can a stock split after its face value reaches ₹1?

Can a stock split after its face value reaches ₹1? Will the face value be less than 1?I am speaking in terms of the Indian stock market. Yes face value means par value.
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How much money do I need to generate $1500 per month in dividends for the rest of my life? [duplicate]

I am 29 years old. I do freelance work and I can save around $500/Month from that. In my country, $1500/month is more than enough to cover all living/health/entertainment expenses for me and possibly ...
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Is there a dividend effect on stock prices? [duplicate]

If a stock costs $100 and the quarterly dividend is $3, can I expect the stock to drop $3 in value when: the dividend is announced? the dividend is granted? the dividend is paid?
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Are dividends exclusively a part of earnings?

Are stock dividends exclusively part of earnings? Or are there cases when companies pay dividends despite zero or low earnings?
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Reasons to own a non-dividend paying stock? [duplicate]

I’m sitting back doing some self-reflection (procrastination) when I start thinking about stocks. My basic understanding of stocks is that the owner ship of company is split up between owners of any ...
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Do people still contribute to their Employer retirement accounts/ IRAs while doing dividend investing?

I was looking into dividend investing for a passive income for the far future. My question is, do people still contribute to their Employer retirement accounts/ IRAs while doing this? Do they ...
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How to efficiently know which portion of the dividends are qualified dividends in a French brokerage account, from the United States' IRS standpoint?

When filing one's taxes in the United States while having a French brokerage account, what is an efficient way to efficiently know which portion of the dividends are qualified dividends? Is it ...
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How do ETF dividends work

How do dividends work when being paid via an ETF? A dividend is a share of the profit, paid to the shareholders. Whilst that is understandable when owning a stock of an individual business, how does ...
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Why are dividends seen as a good thing for investors? [duplicate]

Why are dividends generally seen as a good thing for investors? For example, you can look at this Barrons article where it states Broadcom (ticker: AVGO) plans to boost its quarterly dividend by 51%, ...
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Buy shares and bonds in non citizens countries

I am from Sri Lanka and I invested in stock market and bond in Sri Lanka. But I really like to buy other countries shares and bonds. Is it possible to buy those thing without citizenship. I know ...
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Understanding "Last Dividend Reported" in Bloomberg's database

In Bloomberg's database, there is statistic called "Last Dividend Reported" (see picture below). For the stocks that I looked at, it's usually a number smaller than 1. What exactly is this figure? Is ...
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How can one protect oneself from a dividend stock with decreasing price?

I'm still learning to invest my money correctly and I found my investing strategy and my goal, but I think there's a flaw in my thinking and I wanted you to give me some advice or point me on one ...
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Dividend yield for multiple years?

I am looking for an indicator of percentage of dividend stocks about last 5 (?) years. It is easy to find info about dividend of last year (Dividend_yield but I cannot find an indicator for multiple ...
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How can I find out what is the total US markets dividend payout of all companies in 2015?

I'm writing a paper and couldn't find a good source for what is the total dividend payout of all companies in the US markets in 2015. Where can I find numbers for this?
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When short selling a dividend stock, what is the earliest date to cover and break even

Let's assume the ex-dividend date is 5/5/2016. 1) What is the latest date that I can cover before I'm on the hook for the dividend to begin with? 2) If I'm already on the hook for the dividend, ...
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What if I sell an stock that is going to give an stock dividend after the ex-date but before the payable date

I know that in the case of cash dividends I will get the dividend as long as I bought the stock before the ex-date but what happens in the case of an stock dividend?
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What does Dividend 165% mean in stock market?

I am from India and new to share market. When I was doing some research to find which share to buy, I found one share(of Punjab National Bank) listed with 165% dividend percentage. The same percentage ...
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What are the risks of Dividend-yielding stocks?

At work a couple of my colleges was talking about this board game where the goal was to produce the highest passive income. researching the term i learned it was exactly what i was trying to ...
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What prevents investors from buying high yield stocks and selling them as soon as their dividend is paid out?

What prevents investors from buying high yield stocks and selling them as soon as their dividend is paid out? I guess I am confused: If you know the yield and when the dividend will be paid out, why ...
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On what quantity the Dividend is given in India?

I do have stocks (purchased) in a Script in India. The stock declared announced the Dividend on 20 May 2015, and I purchased the equity recently (few days back), but the Stock equity's Effective Date ...
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total of all dividend payments for a particular company

According to on June 26, 2015, PFG paid out $0.38 per share. According to
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Pension Investing dilemma

I'm 61 years old, recently retired and need to decide how to take my pension from my former employer's pension fund. This is a church-affiliated hospital system pension fund in the USA and is ...
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How is dividend of my owned stocks calculated? [duplicate]

Say I bought a stock on Jan 5 and sold it on Sept 3 in the same year, how do the company pay the dividend? What if I sold it on Jan 6?
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Shares in stock exchange and dividend payout relationship

If a company announces 22% dividend and face value of its share is Rs. 5/- what would be the payout amount for 1000 shares held by person?
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After a stock dividend, how do you calculate holding periods for capital gains taxes?

The scenario is: You own a stock for six months, and then the company issues a stock dividend — the business splits into two entities. Can you sell both stocks after 6 months and a day after ...
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Why do many British companies offer a scrip dividend option in lieu of cash?

Some stocks like GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Tesco, Unilever all offer dividends every quarterly/yearly, with the option of scrip dividend (opting to use the dividend to purchase shares). Why would ...
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