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How Do You Read This Economic Formula?

I'm trying to understand and interpret this economic formula within research where Implied Volatility is regressed on Realised volatility. But even though I understand the basics of what this article'...
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What's the individual net worth by age in Canada?

I see that the government use the net worth of the median household, but they don't check the individual net worth instead. I was wondering if there was any source for this. The only thing I found is ...
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Are there any world-wide statistics about the average amount of money people hold in savings? [closed]

I was surprised to learn today that according to, the average British adult has savings of around £6,700 (unclear if it's mean or median though,) while a third of Britons have savings of ...
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Option strategy, Black, Scholes and Merton Model and Lognormal distribution

The Black, Scholes and Merton option pricing model assumes the stock price changes are lognormally distributed. Then, How to show graphically How this distribution changes when 1a)an investor or/and ...
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What is Implied Shares Outstanding in Yahoo Finance Statistics

It seem that Yahoo Finance has recently included a new (?) field they call Implied Shares Outstanding. However, I cannot find the exact definition of this term anywhere. The only thing I can find is ...
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What is Wholesale Price Index and why is it so important?

Why is wholesale price index so important for us? How does it impact and what role does supply chain have to do with it?
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How to decide whether a stock opening price is more or less equal to its closing price as compared to intraday price action

I want to study how many times a certain stock market index (e.g. DJI, DAX) historically had approximately the same opening and closing price, i.e. relative to the action price during the very same ...
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Statistically who gets higher **average** income, an employed engineer or IT startup founder? [closed]

Founding a startup is a great idea, you may become as rich as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Wait... or may not. It of course depends on your skills and perspiration they say. ...
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Past price data has predictive power, it's not 50/50 [closed]

They say that it's impossible (for ordinary men, with simple statistics and math) to predict future stock price based on the past stock price. But that's not exactly true. As you still can predict ...
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What is the optimal number of months to base my "average spending" on?

My goal is to determine how much money I spend on groceries per month, "on average". I have a list of all my food shopping orders (timestamp + amount in USD). Currently, I do the sum() of ...
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Is $20/day and $603/month (USD) a lot, average or little for one person's "food and related" costs?

I've calculated that I eat for $603/month or $20/day (assuming 30 days in an average month). I do not live in the USA, but "basically the same" ("the West"). I've been trying, but failing, to get a ...
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Is there a way to invest money like in lottery, but with a better, maybe even non-negative expected value?

Lotteries and casino games have a very bad expected value, they are always negative (otherwise nobody would offer them). Payouts, on the other hand, can be huge. Is there a investment in the ...
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tracking a portfolio's annualized return

I’ve created a spreadsheet that analyzes the total return of my portfolio in various ways. Among the metrics: A graph that tracks the annualized rate of return. For example a year ago the portfolio ...
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401k Statistics

This article claims: In fact, the average 401(k) balance at Fidelity — which holds 16.2 million 401(k) accounts and is consistently ranked as the largest defined contribution record-keeper — ...
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How to calculate the expected standard deviation of a weighted composite portfolio?

So my questions asks me to determine the expected standard deviation for a weighted composite portfolio, but I have no idea what equation to begin with. I have answered A, but B I am lost. Here is ...
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Are there people who make a living of sports betting?

I know that the overall expected value of sports bet is negative, however this is not as straight forward a system as scratchcard for instance. I am not asking whether it is a good investment to put ...
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How to determine the right level of disability insurance based on a person's lifestyle

I'm trying to determine what level of disability insurance is right for me. A thought crossed my mind: certain people experience less risk of disability. A person who works from home is at less risk ...
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What percent of first post-IPO earnings reports are disappointing?

It seems like every time a company has its IPO, the next earnings report fails to meet expectations and the stock price plummets. Shouldn't expectations be lower considering the frequency at which ...
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Why divide by ask rate to get the spread?

I want to know why when we calculate the spread equation, that is the difference between ask rate and bid rate divided by ask rate, why can't we divide by bid rate?
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Estate taxes and the top 1 percent by net worth

According to this website, you need to have over 10 million dollars for your family to be in the top 1 percent by net worth. However, only about .2 % of estates pay estate tax. The cut off for the ...
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How many Traders use own stratergy? [closed]

I'm trying to understand the Trading strategies in existence. Trading strategy various from person to person. Approximately how many traders would use own strategy? Is there a way to calculate the ...
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Volume Change comparitors

I've put together a little market addin for excel and have been asked by the person commissioning the plugin to add the Volume Change for the last minute. That was easy enough using my API (...
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How do I calculate portfolio standard deviation in Excel?

How do I calculate a portfolio standard deviation given a return? If I have 3 portfolios with similar size of $300 million. Portfolio A : Expected Return % / Dollar Amount : 3.78% / $11.34m, ...
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Estimate probability distribution of profit on investment [closed]

How can I estimate the probability distribution of the profit on investment if I put my money in, say, S&P 500? Beyond knowing my expected return, I want to know such things as: What are the ...
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How to get a grip on finance? [closed]

I hope this is not too off-topic (theoretical but not necessarily off-topic), but I am just starting to understand the financial world and I am a bit confused while reading publications and books ...
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Should I Use an Investment Professional?

A recent article I read cited: People who work with an investment professional are nearly twice as likely to those who DIY to feel confident that they will have enough money to retire. and 44%...
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What is the risk involved in buying a used car vs new?

A depreciation chart tells us that buying a two year old vehicle will save us a heavy cost of depreciation. However, if I keep the vehicle for 10+ years this initial cost averages down a good deal. ...
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Price to rent ratio outside of major cities

I'm interested in US price/rent ratios, such the list here: However, it seems like such statistics are always compiled by major city. ...
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How do I calculate Future value adding fund charges?

Here is the statement on the NEST website. "We take a small percentage of the money going into your pot known as a contribution charge. This amount is 1.8 per cent." They then also charge £15 ...
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Why are Key Statistics for the same company different on various sites?

I'm looking at the same company (doesn't matter which) across Yahoo, Google, Reuters etc and the key statistics differ. For example. The Return on Equity for 32Red Plc (TTR.L) is: Yahoo - 46.73% - ...
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Why we sometimes use mean and sometimes use standard deviation to measure volatility

Both the metrics average true range and historical volatility measure volatility of a financial instrument's price. Average true range measures volatility on an intraday basis, while historical ...
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When to use geometric vs. arithmetic mean? Why is the former better for percentages?

While computing the average price of a stock or index over a period of time, I have the choice between using an arithmetic mean or a geometric mean. Which should I use and when? I am reading a book ...
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Are Americans in as much personal debt as the British? Are the sources of debt much different?

I recently came across an interactive infographic for the U.K. about personal indebtedness and was shocked at many of the stats in regards to personal debt — e.g. the UK national average ...
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If a mutual fund did really well last year, then statistically speaking, is it likely going to do bad this year?

I am a looking at a specific fund that made a killing last year. I know that this is a speculative question, but I am interested whether what I am saying held true over the years. Does a mutual fund ...
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How can I estimate the standard deviation

How can I estimate the standard deviation from stock graph without calculates, just from the graph
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How many weeks of living expenses does the average American have savings for?

I've heard that an average American has only enough savings to cover 3 weeks worth of living expenses. (I think it was on some radio show.) Is it true? If so, does anyone have the source?
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What is the average value of a credit card or debit card transaction?

There are a plethora of statistics regarding credit card usage but what I can't seem to find is the the value of the average credit card (or debit card) transaction. Are such statistics provided by ...
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