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Investment options for remote money in US

I live and work in Russia normally but recently I've been to United States of America, doing work for my employer. I was paid in US dollars and money was transferred to my US bank account. I've ...
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When to use different valuation multiples

My basic question is this: I know that investors can use several different multiples when thinking about valuing companies (P/E, EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, etc.) but how do you know when to use each one? E....
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Is Trading 212 fair and legitimate broker for buying ETFs?

I am looking for a way to make an investment into an ETF. Many of the low cost international brokers are unavailable in my country while the local banks have fairly high commissions. I got a ...
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How to contact an investor for a business?

I recently opened a startup and I am preparing a well-crafted presentation of my idea for potential investors. I have to admit that I really don't know how to contact them. Finding them is ...
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Calculating the Nominal Rate of Return of a dividend paying stock

How is the nominal rate of return for a dividend paying stock calculated. I understand that nominal return is calculated using the formula: (Current Market Value - Original Purchase Price) / Original ...
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When should non-resident alien investors file IRS taxes?

I am a non-resident alien with a tax residency in my country of origin. I have opened an investment account with a broker in the United States. What (if at all) do I have to file with the IRS?
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How do you calculate the proportion of shares required to formulate a minimum risk portfolio?

An investor has decided to invest 1 million in the shares of two companies, company E and company B. the projections of returns from the shares of the two companies along with their probabilities is ...
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Focus on mortgage or keep investing

I'm 24 and recently purchased a property. I'm wondering whether or not I should keep my investment account open or focus solely on bringing down my mortgage. I have been investing with Raiz (I think ...
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What does unit value represent in a mutual fund?

I've been utilizing an app that allows me to manually track all of my portfolios and see how investments are performing individually, per portfolio, and/or as an entire financial asset. I've pulled in ...
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Type of investments to protect value

I live in Argentina where there are a lot of inflation, between 40% and 60% a year in last years, so my question it's what kind of assets should I study to protect value? I'm beginner in investments ...
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