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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of Sri Lanka.

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What can I do as a common citizen if it seems like my country is going to be bankrupt like Lebanon or Zimbabwe?

I saw that Lebanon or Zimbabwe are facing very complex problems in their economy. I am from Sri Lanka. I hear news every day that our country doesn't have enough US dollars. So the government has ...
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Is this partnership offer for a property I am selling a scam?

I have published an advertisement on a classified website to sell undeveloped land I own in Sri Lanka. Through this, someone contacted me by email saying he wants to "invest" in the property....
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What do I need to know about investing in developing countries?

My wife is Sri Lankan and we have some cash assets there, but we both live in Australia. Sri Lanka has restrictions on taking money out of the country - essentially it looks like you can only take $...
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Term deposits in Sri Lanka have a high interest rate - what's the catch?

This website here shows a comprehensive comparison of term deposit rates in Sri Lanka. Currently you can get a 12 month term deposit at a rate of 10.75% with an AA+ rated bank. Compare this to ...
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What is the different between Auto Loan and Car Mortgage?

I'm trying to get loan from the bank and I'm going for a special interest rate category called Professional loan scheme. Since my qualification time period is low and got the degree recently they're ...
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Want to buy a car but have not enough money [closed]

I'm still at a very early stage of my professional career and my salary is still very low. I work in the IT field. I have a dream of buying my own car. The current price of my desired car is 200 times ...
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Getting a loan/lease to non-investment (like buy a car) work in young ages (Salary is also too low)?

Note : Please forgive me for my bad English and feel free to anyone to correct mistakes. Background : I am working as a Software Engineer is Sri Lanka. My monthly salary is about $400 and may ...
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4 answers

Should I get a credit card if I already have a debit card?

I'm sorry if this question seems a duplicate of another (likely this), but my situation is actually a little different. My situation is that, I have a debit card from a bank I find convenient but ...
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Buying USA Stocks from Sri Lanka [closed]

I am from Sri Lanka and I have around $1000 to invest and I want to buy stocks from companies like Apple and Facebook. Most of the sites that offer buying stocks online dont support my country, the ...