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For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of the South Korea.

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Why are preferred shares in the Korean market traded at a discount?

According to the answers here, voting rights don't really matter when it comes to the price of shares. Also, I am not sure about the US market, but in the Korean market, a preferred share usually pays ...
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What would be the tax liability in Korea?

Scenario: Subject is a Spanish citizen (no other nationality). Learns Korean language in South Korea, staying in Korea with a D-4-1 visa (Student visa). The subject is not employee by any company (nor ...
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How should I pay tax for Bitcoin arbitrage?

I have a good friend in South Korea. He's been my friend for 15 years and I trust him more than I trust my own family. We even lived together once. My friend in South Korea is asking me if I'm willing ...
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How to allocate assets between asset types and tax-benefit accounts?

I hoped I could simply put all my funds into a TDF in a tax credit account and done with it, but it seems it's not that easy. I'm trying to reallocate to these accounts: Individual Retirement Pension(...
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How to manage the money I got from "lump-sum housing lease"?

In South Korea, there is a concept called "jeon-se", which can be roughly translated into "lump-sum housing lease" or "long-term rental deposit". It goes like this: An ...
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Saving diligently, but the amount of retirement fund seems too much

I recently achieved 100 million KRW (South Korean Won, about 86,000 USD) after a bit less than 5 years of work. I'm somewhat proud of myself for being diligent, but I'm afraid if this is not enough. ...
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Does investing global mutual funds with 15.4% foreign income tax worth it?

I'm living in Korea and already investing in global mutual funds with foreign income tax reduction benefits. But there is no investment with such benefit anymore. So I'm considering normal global ...
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I have money in a bank in South Korea and need to get it to the United States

I live in the United States. How do I transfer the money here without going to Korea to pick it up? I tried opening an account with World Bank but the money doesn't get to me even though the bank in ...
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got some money on topcoder, possible tax rate calculation?

I competed in topcoder and got some money around ~500 $ and may get more If I'm really lucky in not yet reviewed submissions. But I found out that 30% of that money will be withheld as tax. I didn't ...
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Can I cash out a French check in South Korea?

I have a check written in French emitted in France by a French bank. Can I cash it out somewhere in South Korea?
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Tax implication of loan from Korea to US

I'm trying to borrow a large amount of money to buy a home from a friend in Korea. Is there any tax implication in this case? And is there any limit on the amount?
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Filling in Form 8802

I live in the United States. I will be working in Korea this summer (2015) for a month. I am on a J1 visa currently. I arrived in June 2013. For tax returns for 2013 and 2014 I submitted forms 1040NR....
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Double-Taxation of Royalties paid for in Korea to a US Company

A Korean-based company is paying royalties to my company base in the US. The US-Korea Tax Treaty has set the Korean income tax rate at 15% for these. In addition, I pay a 10% local income Korean tax ...
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