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Questions tagged [south-carolina]

For questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products of the state of South Carolina.

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South Carolina state income tax

My husband and I do not share residency. I am a resident of South Carolina and he is a resident of New Hampshire. We do file our federal income taxes as married filing joint. There is no state ...
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Home insurance roofing scam?

I feel so dumb in hindsight. A roofing company approached me in my neighborhood while I was out walking my dog. They said that they had been called by one of my neighbors to give an estimate on roof ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Car-transfer question

I'm kind of young (don't have a reliable source of income), but my dad bought me a car and its registered and financed in South Carolina and I live in Louisiana (college and residence.) If I have my ...
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Is there any reason why my federal tax is reduced while the state tax remained almost the same?

I'm a PhD student living in South Carolina. I have a graduate research assistant job in my university and my salary is $20,000 per year. I just got my paycheck recently and I realized that my direct ...
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1099'd Telecommuter - I work by phone from SC with CA company - who gets state tax?

I am a 1099'd telecommuter that used to live in California. I moved to South Carolina in 2017. I need to file 2017 taxes with 4 months in CA, 8 months in SC. In 2018 I will need to file 12 months in ...
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Can condo management force owners to insure the outside of the building?

Can condo management force owners to insure the outside of the building? I thought owners were responsible to insure from sheet rock, in. And management is responsible to insure from sheet rock out! I ...
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