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What type of orders fit my strategy in a way that two triggers might be needed?

As a newbie on trading cryptocurrencies, I found Stop-Limit Order does no longer fit my strategy in a situation like this: Ater a huge price pump, the market price has stabilized at around $450 now. I ...
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Why would retail investors want to route their orders to specific stock exchanges?

I am a small retail investor, and I have an account at a zero-commission stock broker. The stock brokerage firm offers "direct routing", where I can choose to send my order to a specific ...
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Can you set a lower limit on a buy limit order or another order type?

For example say XYZ is trading at $5 and I want to buy once it reaches $4 but not lower than $3.50. Is their a way to set this up? I wouldn't want to set a limit order at $4 in the chance it gaps ...
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Is there a difference between "internalization" and "dark pools"?

Is "internalization" not the same as "dark pools"? I want to understand it functionally as well as from the point of view of regulations. For instance, is it that "dark pools" could be hidden away ...
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In what ways is IEX different than a typical dark pool or a typical exchange?

In his recent best seller "Flash Boys" (#1 of the NYT best seller list), Michael Lewis tells the fascinating story of an unlikely hero, Brad Katsuyama from RBC. Upon realizing that "the stock market ...
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Howto choose a marketplace while submitting an order for a stock trade

When I submit a trade order, I usually choose the route = Auto. But there is also the option to choose a particular ATS/exchange (ARCA,BATS,TMX Select). I usually leave it to Auto. But is there any ...
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