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Changed the style of my signature since school

Will that cause problems in the future, by making employers question whether I'm the ppl person who took those classes?
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What sort of pen is best suited to sign the back of a credit/debit card?

I have 3 payment cards: 2 debit cards with different banks to spread risks, and 1 credit card. I have been using them all for months if not years by now at various places both offline and online ...
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Why do some employers in the United States ask employees to accept the grant when granting them Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)?

Why do some employers in the United States ask employees to accept the grant when granting them Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)? For example, accepting the grant could be done by clicking on some "...
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Risks and threats in signing empty SSA-89 form

A financial institution is asking to sign form SSA-89 which is used for verification of the social security number assigned a person. This verification is requested by a third party. The third party's ...
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Is there any danger of my neighbor having my wife's signature?

On Monday my next door neighbor came over and asked my wife for her signature. He said they were having a contest at work (he works at the local grocery store) that whoever got the most signatures got ...
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Someone gave my sister a bad cheque, what should she do?

My sister's ex-boyfriend convinced her to lend money to him so that he can lend it to some unidentified person. She lent him $25 000, and her ex probably lent $63 000 of his own money to this ...
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A payee hasn't received a check I sent them. What can I do?

My fiancée and I sent out a check to the DJ for our upcoming wedding to fulfill our remaining debt to them of $600. We don't owe them this final payment for several months still, but we wanted to ...
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What does "cancel endorsement" mean on the back of a check?

I had some property damage to my house and upon receiving a check from my insurance company it is addressed to both myself and my mortgage company. I signed the check and mailed it to my mortgage ...
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Proof of identity to an oversea bank

I need to provide instructions to my oversea bank. I filled out the form and sent it to the bank. They called me on my account's phone number to let me know that the form was rejected because "my ...
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What are the complications of making different signatures?

I'm a young person, new to the professional world such as banking. At first, I had difficulty maintaining the same signature. For example, when I opened the bank account, I made different signatures ...
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Why don't some places require a credit card receipt signature, and some do?

I'm thinking of certain places (Subway, McDonalds, etc.) that do not require a signature on a receipt after swiping your card. Why do these places not require a signature on the receipt, while others ...
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Cashing a joint check

My girlfriend (over 18) is estranged from her parents, but recently discovered money in her name in the form of stocks. She sold the stocks, but the company that handled the transaction sent a check ...
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How easy is it to change my debit card signature?

Would I have to change it through the government first? And through every other service that requires my signature? Would it cost significant amounts of money?
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Legality of using a symbol as a signature for credit cards, checks, etc.?

A friend of mine today told me that he signed everything using a specific symbol (a star) that he draws instead of his name "for security". Is this a legal practice to do when signing for your credit ...
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Are cashiers required to check a credit card for a signature in the U.S.?

So on the back of many US credit and debit cards, there is a signature area that says something like "not valid unless signed." I notice many retailers and anyone who takes cards rarely ever checks ...
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