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Profit sharing after a property has been sold

my cousin and l jointly owned a property which we have just sold. There was an outstanding balance of 20,000 on the mortgage as at when we sold. The ownership is 50/50. Do l deduct the balance ...
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Sharing father's property with my brother

My father owns a piece of land which he wishes to share between his two sons - me and my brother. I do not wish to own the land and would rather take my share of the money (in other words my brother ...
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Pitfalls of sharing finances?

Two individuals are about to be married. They both work at great jobs, great income, both are also very level-headed and responsible – which is why they waited until they both felt like they were ...
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Are there any dangers in publicly sharing my personal finance data?

I wanted to blog about my financial status and was curious if somebody ever did that and couldn't find anything on google. So the idea is to share on a monthly basis what I have on my bank account ...
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Splitting already paid bills with housemate

I live with a house mate, and we split our grocery expenses 50/50 between us. Everything is done in cash. I use GnuCash to manage my finances, and I'm not sure how such a situation can be recorded: ...
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What is a timeshare?

What is a timeshare and why might I want one? Are there any hidden costs to timeshares?
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