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When does E*trade generate the Stock Plan Transactions Supplement?

Every year I get the useless 1099-B with the IRS-mandated made-up cost basis numbers, and then later I get the Stock Plan Transactions Supplement that actually matches my paystubs and W2 income. By ...
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Should I buy shares in public institutions when they are privatized? [closed]

Recently, the government in my country has been privatising big institutions, selling shares mostly to its citizens. There is of course incentive to buy it from the government, they've been pushing ...
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Comparing stock purchase plans in offer letter

I have received two job offers both containing stock purchase options. Unfortunately, I have no clue what they mean and how to compare one with another. Company A: It will be recommended at the first ...
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Taxation of shares

If I purchase shares in my employer's business via share purchase plan, and those shares are bought directly from my net pay - do I need to pay tax on the money I receive when I sell those shares on ...
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share repurchases

There is a lot of talk about companies repurchasing shares. Then some new shares are also 'created'. It is said that share repurchases are becoming more popular, since for taxation reason for example, ...
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Can a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and share purchase plan (SPP) be used with a TFSA?

Can I put Sun Life (SLF) shares into a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and share purchase plan (SPP) plan, and then put into a TFSA investment account for a family member, 5 to 10 year term?
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