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Credit card secured against a deposit.

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Keeping your statement balance below ~30% of your credit limit

I read Little Advisor's article How does that thing with the credit cards work, again? According to the article, you should always keep your balance below 30% of your credit limit. However, I just ...
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Using a secured credit card to build a credit score for a new permanent resident

I am a new permanent resident in the US (originally from the Netherlands) and married to an American citizen. I am not used to the credit score system as they use it in the US, so this is all new to ...
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Myth, or not: If using a secured card to build credit, paying off in part each month has more benefit than paying in full?

Does paying off a secured credit card in full each month not allow me to build a credit history? I'm asking because reading about regular credit cards indicates that paying in full helps build a good ...
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Are there advantages to getting a "secured" credit card, if you have poor credit?

I've heard about "secured" credit cards - where you basically pre-pay the amount of your "credit card" limit - surely your use of this type of card is evident on your credit report, and the advantage ...
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Better ask for secured credit card rightaway or risk asking for an unsecured credit card first, the secured credit card later if it does'nt work out?

I had applied to DCU for a share-secured credit card, over the phone, but today I came to know they lost my application! The application number they gave me does not turn up anything and when they ...
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