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Federal Perkins Loan is showing up unsubsidized despite not taking any unsubsidized loans

I've been repaying student debt and my university recently sent a loan that I didn't know I had to a collection agency. The loan is listed as a "federal Perkins direct Stafford" loan that is ...
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Loan for outstanding school balance

I have a an outstanding school balance of around $7,000 dollars from the 2015-2016 school year and need it to be payed off in order to transfer to another 4 year university. I wanted to know if there ...
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Should I move to finish college and get into a community, or work full time and get my degree online?

This is my first post - sorry if it's poorly organized: I'm 24 years old, and currently a little less than halfway done with my bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. At the current rate I'm ...
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Option for health insurance coverage when going back to school in 30s

Specifically for health insurance coverage: What are ones options when going back to school full-time in their 30s? Do schools provide any sort of coverage plans, if so are how do they compare to a ...
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1098-T with scholarship listed this year 2018 as "billed" but tuition was reported on 2017 year's 1098-T as "paid"

This is very confusing. I'm required to report the Tuition and Scholarship from my 1098-T. I paid the full year's tuition in 2017 (fall and spring 2018) so no Tuition was billed for 2018 (well ...
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Should I sell investment property to pay off student loan debt and variable rate home equity line of credit?

I purchased a home as a primary residence 11 years ago for $210,000. It is now worth $475,000. The mortgage balance is $85k at 3.75% fixed for 30 years (but I am 11 years in). Three months ago, I ...
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Question on the IRS Form 1098-T

Is this a new form? I was doing TurboTax and I filled out the information and it wouldn't let me submit my tax refund because it said the IRS is still working on the forms. I did read something that ...
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Can I claim school expenses including tuition that was paid out of pocket on my taxes [duplicate]

As I stated above I am wondering if I can claim my school expenses on my taxes for this year's taxes. If it is possible how would I do so and will I get a better return because of it? I am in the ...
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What to do with my inheritance?

I received an inheritance of 120K. So far I paid off our second mortgage. I also paid off all credit card debt. I have 80K left. This is the biggest payout we will likely ever receive. My husband ...
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Do I still need to pay college I owe money to even when they are no longer operating/shutdown?

Few years ago I attended this college in NH, USA. I owed them about $5,000 for courses and housing. Since I couldn't afford to pay for the next semester, I stopped going to that school. About 4 ...
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Fixed term or variable term for a student loan of 155,000 with the ability to switch between them

Friend is refinancing a student loan of 155,000 - check the details here or as below. Total amount now is about 155,000 now. While refinancing with Common Bond , we are getting the following payment ...
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How to decide which private student loan is right for me?

Money's a bit tight at the moment, and I've exhausted my options for state and federal financial aid (unless I'm mistaken, but that's another story). It was suggested to me that I take out a private ...
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Student Loan Payment Plan

EDIT: the OUTSTAND_PRIN is the same as PRINCIPAL since I haven't begun paying down yet, but am saving like I am paying until my 6 months is up, just in case i need the extra $3,600 for an emergency ...
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Receive Multiple Grants?

Is it possible to receive multiple grants? I was approved for a TAP grant. But is it possible to also get a Pell grant, FSEOG grant, LEAP?
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Living with my parents and girlfriend, few filing questions

I'm going to be living with my parents and my girlfriend at my parents' house soon, both of us being full-time students. We wanted to do this so she wouldn't need to pay for a dorm here (NY is ...
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What can I do when a vendor goes into administration before delivering everything I've paid for?

My son took out a loan to pay for a a course, the course provider has now gone into administration. My son is still paying for the loan for a course he cant access. My question is - has he any redress,...
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Is it possible to go to graduate school if I have debt?

I already have substantial debt in the form of personal loans ($15k). The student loans only cover the cost of tuition and living expenses, and of course does not cover existing debt. I was offered ...
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Buying a condo to attend schools in another district [closed]

I live in a area with bad school district. I pay a lot in property tax and I'd like to avoid paying private school for my children when they start in 2 years. The option would be to move to a better ...
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To pay off a student loan, should I save up a lump sum payoff payment or pay extra each month?

I am a new college graduate with a student loan of $17k at 6.8% interest. The monthly minimum payment due is $193. I have been paying the minimum amount, and then taking that same amount and placing ...
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Emergency Fund vs. Student Loan Payment

I've been reading a lot about the importance of a ~6 month emergency fund AND the importance of paying off student loans as soon as possible. I have ~$14k (6% interest currently in grace period) in ...
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Canadian Scholarship in US

I am a graduate student at Cornell University in the US and I receive a scholarship (NSERC) from the government of Canada (~$20,000). Do I declare the scholarship to the US government, Canadian ...
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How can I pay off tuition fees from a past semester so that I can enrol in school again?

I still owe my tuition fees for a university of California school from fall 2010. I have been out of school since then with two semesters to go before I can graduate. I've been trying to take out a ...
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School or retirement?

Currently, I'm working full time while studying to get my degree. I'm making monthly payments on my other debt, and looking to be completely debt free - with the exception of my student loans - ...
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Are personal finance / money management classes taught in high school, anywhere?

It sure seems like something that would be a valuable life skill, akin to Home Ec (or even more important!)... Where I'm from (Peel Region in Ontario Canada), it isn't part of the curriculum.
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