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For questions about Schedule C (Form 1040), a tax form in the USA

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Freelancer, Schedule C, Deductions for MEALS in 2018-2025

This question is specific to sole proprietor freelancers who (a) network with other freelancers, (b) sometimes outsource their work to other freelancers but never employ someone, and (c) file a 1040 ...
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How is remaining inventory items in home business calculated in COGS on schedule C

My wife recently stopped doing her home business which is an MLM clothing sales. Though she cut ties with the company and ended her business in December 2022, she's still left over with a large ...
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Schedule E vs Schedule C

I purchased (with a mortgage) a mixed-use building with an LLC in 2019. I rent the two retail/commercial units to two LLC businesses (one owned by me, and one owned by my wife). This building also has ...
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Where does software and trade-journal expenses go on Schedule C?

I can't seem to find on which line of schedule C the following expenses go: Trade Journal Software* *Some of the software has pay-as-you-go, monthly-fee type billing.
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Should I report my S-corp dividends on my 1040 as sched-C self-employment or 1099-div?

I'm using TurboTax and am confused how to report my profits from my S-corp. On my S-corp K-1, I set line 17c "Div distributions paid from accum earnings" equal to my S-corp's ordinary business income....
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