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Questions tagged [sales-tax]

For questions relating to taxes collected on the sale of goods and services. In most cases, a country, region, or state/province tag should be included as well.

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NY State Sales Tax on Lease Transfer

I am hopeful that someone can help me understand New York State (NYS) Sales Tax with regards to a lease take over, in what seems to be paying tax twice. So here is the scenario: Person A leases a ...
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Understanding Nexus as a small business owner

I'm interested in becoming a 3rd party Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) seller. I recently learned about a rule called "nexus". Basically, I understand I have nexus (tax liability) in the state ...
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Why do SaaS apps not pay sales tax in my state?

I have noticed many SaaS apps I use do not include sales tax on their invoices in my state (New York). For example, on a recent Heroku invoice, I see this written: Heroku is not required to, and ...
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Do I pay sales tax exporting the bike

We live in The Netherlands (Europe), we are Dutch. We are now buying a motorcycle in Florida, but are going to pick it up in July and then leave the state, since we're making a roadtrip. After 2 ...
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Would I have to pay tax when transferring a vehicle title from a family member across state lines?

I have a reservation for a Tesla Model 3 and just found out that my brother recently got a Model X. Tesla says they plan to give priority to previous owners, so I was wondering if it would make sense ...
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How to apply 1% rate reduction using GST/QST Quick method?

I use Quick method for calcualting GST/QST remittances: The Quick Method is a simplified accounting method designed to help registrants calculate the GST and QST they must remit to Revenu ...
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Can sales tax in a foreign country be used as credits to offset US taxes?

Say you are an American citizen living in the UK. You are required by [draconian] U.S. law to pay full taxes on your income as though you are resident in the U.S. However, there are several treaties ...
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Am I required to have my website registered as a business in Canada to collect HST?

Am I required to have my website registered as a business in Canada ON, to be able to sell ads? does the amount of income makes any difference? The reason I am asking this is I have been told that if ...
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Filing Sales Tax Return When 3rd Party Collects & Remits Sales Tax - App Store & Google Play Scenario, US

In many cases App Store & Google Play will collect & remit sales tax themselves for your sales. Question is how to file this scenario. Do you file these sales as "non taxable sales" or do ...
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Bank sales tax on private party used car financing

I am trying to transfer ownership of a used vehicle between private parties. I applied for a loan from a credit union to pay the seller. I negotiated the deal and the seller agreed to an amount that ...
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Selling A Car Anonymously

Is it ever legal for me to sell a car to someone by just signing my name and dating the title, such that the buyer's information is completely blank? To be clear, the title itself is legal, clean, and ...
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