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Questions related to periodic income earned through employment, especially in predefined amounts such as might be stipulated in a contract. This tag should be used in contrast to questions about wages, which are typically earned at a defined *rate* per time period rather than in defined total amounts.

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What is a reasonable salary for the owner and sole member of a small S-Corp?

I am the owner and sole member of a small s-corp. I am a litte confused regarding the reasonable salary the IRS requires. The S-Corp is fairly small and requires very little work to maintain. Would ...
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Received W-2 but was never paid

I just now received a W-2 from a company that I worked for 3 days as a contractor. I had to leave country for 2 months due to a family emergency. Since the employment duration was very short, I was ...
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Difference between Fortnightly and Monthly pay

I used to get paid monthly at base salary of 48k. I have recently changed my job and getting paid fortnightly with a base salary of 50k I did some calculation and found out that if I get paid monthly ...
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How much is inflation?

I'm sure it's different every year (and may even differ by country?), but surely there must be a minimum increase salaried workers would have to earn in order to simply break-even, relative to the ...
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What percent of my salary should I save?

Here is my situation: right now I am living in Puerto Rico, and I am planning to relocate to the mainland US (probably to Seattle, WA). Although Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, almost everything ...
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Calculate Income Tax amount of UK Salary

I've recently been trying to calculate different take home amounts from different salaries, and have ended up getting confused over how the different tax brackets work. If I try to calculate the ...
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US Salary Transfered to Indian Acc and Tax Relation

I am on an H1b visa working and receiving a salary in the US. I have transferred approximately $15-20k to my account in India Account (not an NRE account). How would this transfer affect my taxes in ...
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Why would you ever turn down a raise in salary?

Related to a comment on this question: Is it true that Income Tax was created to finance troops for World War I? Does it ever make financial sense to turn down a raise at your job? It was mentioned ...
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Company stopped paying my salary. What are my options?

UPDATE 4: I'd be remiss if I didn't update this post with the outcome: I was able to recover about 1.5x lost wages (after employment attorney fees). The advice below I followed included: (1) finding ...
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How to manage monthly salary

I am a 22-y/o guy starting my first job. I am interested to know how I should manage my monthly expenses. Keeping in mind that I need to pay for my rented apartment, food, water, etc., save money for ...
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50k job is offering 90k worth of shares. Scam?

This was a job posting on Linkedin, in the software industry. The rules are that you can sell up to 30k per year. But the job offers 50k (GBP) and it seems that offering shares greatly in excess of ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How much would be a fair raise or salary increase to ask for at work?

I have not got a raise at work for some time - almost two years - and I think I am due. I did not ask during the crisis because other companies were laying off, etc. Mine didn't lay off, we actually ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Can I negotiate job salary after mentioning my desired range over phone with recruiter?

After a lot of interview rounds and a lengthy process for a tech job I applied, I got a phone call from the recruiter that they'd like to offer me the role. Over the phone, she asked me they are ...
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Should I negotiate a lower salary to be placed in a lower tax bracket?

I'm about to start the negotiation process for a new position. I expect the offer to be in the area of $72,000 - 76,000 / year. If the offer is higher than $73,800 should I negotiate to have my ...
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Does it make sense to take a lower salary so I can still contribute to a Roth IRA?

Would it ever make sense to take a lower salary in order to contribute fully to a Roth IRA? This is probably very circumstantial, so let's assume: I'm not in debt and have no other obligations (...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to manage paying expenses when moving to a weekly pay schedule and with a pay increase?

I'm terrible at managing my money. This is likely the cause for this entire issue. I'm being moved from a bi-weekly (1st and 15th of the month) pay schedule, to a weekly pay schedule. At the same ...
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Are stock options worth as much as shares?

I was undergoing salary increase negotiations (after a year) recently and it was decided a percentage of my salary was to be paid in shares. However, when the offer came, I noticed I would be getting ...
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Received more net pay than it states on my payslips, no visible deductions sent to HMRC on the extra income I received - what to do?

I started a new job on the 26th of September, 2022 for an annual salary of £55,000. Working 09:00 - 17:30, 5 days a week. My monthly gross salary is: £4,583.33 I have a student loan, repayment plan 2. ...
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Extension: Can I negotiate original offer if I have other offer from different company?

This question is a direct and specific extension of this question that I had posted few days ago and received very good suggestions. Now I have an offer from another company worth $(X+10)k but I am ...
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Using bonus in a tax-efficient way with my 401k account? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: My bonus is taxed at a higher rate than my regular paychecks, so should I contribute 100% of my bonus to 401k? Is there any tax advantage that I can gain if I invest my bonus ...
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How can I reduce the amount of tax I will pay on the sale of an investment property?

I'm selling an investment property. It is not eligible for a primary residence exemption. I am not interested in purchasing another investment property (i.e. doing a 1031 exchange). So I will pay ...
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How to Pay Yourself a Salary in a Single Member S-Corp with Inconsistent Income

It seems a requirement of a single-member S-Corp is to pay one's self a "salary" - suggesting a weekly or bi-weekly payment that amounts to a pre-determined figure at year's end - but in a ...
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