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This tag is to be used for any question related to Russian ruble (RUB) currency.

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How to sell/buy rubles in EU? [closed]

Main question: Is there a working service (or other way) to sell/buy rubles from EU? Minor question: What price should I expect (relatively to official exchange rate)? What I have tried: OANDA Local ...
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Difference in Ruble prices on Forex vs Moex

Exchange rate of EUR/RUB and USD/RUB on Forex and Moscow Exchange seem to be considerably different and the graphs don't even look similar after some point: EURRUB_TOM / MOEX: 118.99 USDRUB_TOM / ...
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How to transfer money from Russia to Germany?

My wife is Russian, and lives with me in Germany. She has a Russian bank account (denominated in RUB), and a German bank account (denominated in EUR). We have been unable to find a quick, convenient ...
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I borrowed in Ruble and should give back ruble but I use euro, when to change?

I borrowed equivalent of 71,490 Russian Rubles in 1000 euros, 4 months ago. I have to give this money back in 5 months. The exchange rate for Russian Ruble apparently is going down and now is around ...
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It's paying Russian bills in Europe becoming less economic? [closed]

I pay some bills in rubles. My currency is euros. Over the past year I have noticed that I pay more euros for the same bill. Do rubles have a tendency to increase in value regarding Euros? Why?
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How to sell some euros and buy rubles?

I would like to sell some euros in an online exchange and buy rubles. My question is, once I buy rubles how do I withdraw them in my Russian account? Also, how to deposit euros? I know about some ...
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Is there a reason why someone shouldn't buy into a temporarily cheap currency of an otherwise solid economy?

As everyone knows, the ruble is falling compared to the euro and it has been falling for a long time already. The way I see it, the ruble will eventually get back up once the political situation ...
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Strategic countermeasures to overcome crisis in Russia

I'm a skilled professional Web-developer and entrepreneur in Russia. I were working with different local companies in Moscow for at least 10 years. I still work with couple of key clients in Moscow ...
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I’m going to Russia. Where should I exchange my currency?

Is it better to go abroad with euros? What is the best kind of place to exchange currency?
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