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Capital Gains Taxes for multi-year vest RSUs UK

Assume that you work for a company in the UK that grants you a number of RSUs to vest in a multi-year schedule (as per usual), for example, a vest event every 6 months for 2 years. The RSUs are valued ...
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How do I report restricted stock unit (RSU) income that has vested in multiple states

In 2016, when I started at my current employer, I received a grant of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) that vests over 4 years. I was employed in our NY office 2016-2018 and San Francisco Office 2016-...
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How are RSUs granted in Canada but vested in the USA taxed?

I moved to the USA with a Green Card a couple months ago. My employer awarded me with RSUs a couple years ago, and some have vested after I moved to the USA. I am filing as Dual-Status Alien, so ...
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Unvested "RSE" on W-2 Box 14

My spouse's employer has granted him RSUs (which for some reason they call RSE) as part of a long term incentive plan. It is a set amount granted ever year over the past 3 years, but none of it has ...
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How are RSU's vesting on the weekend priced for tax purposes?

My current understanding of how RSU's work is that they are taxed as regular income based on the price of the stock on the day of vesting. However, if RSU's vest on a Saturday, are there SEC or IRS ...
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RSU gain on payslip

I work for starbucks, and receive RSUs (shares) every November. I have also Netbenefits account for managing this shares. Even though I don't sell my shares, every December some amount of RSU gain ...
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Restricted stocks

I have a 36,000 shares of a $0.30 stock. The company is still in business and is listed. The stock certificated is stamped restricted. I contacted the company to remove the restriction & was told ...
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Rules for cost basis adjustment of RSUs that vest causing a wash sale

I've read through a bunch of posts and couldn't find a definitive answer. In this example, I have RSUs that vest every month from my employer. Let's say I decide to sell 1 share of stock for a capital ...
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Though I understood my RSU and selling the shares I acquird through it but not sure anymore

So let me give a simplified example to start. I have 1,000 RSUs that vested on June 1st 2018. The market value for them is $10 and $10,000 is accounted for on my W-2. 300 shares were automatically ...
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Assuming a bullish stock, any advantage in using LT RSUs to fund exercise cost of ISOs?

Example Present Information: Example Dummy Stock: GGG | Stock Price @ $10 Super bullish and so assume the value of the stock price will go up. ISOs: 10,000 with SP @ $5.00 (All vested, just not ...
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If I have stock that is unregistered at the time of a company buyout does my stock automatically register?

I was a contractor for a small public company for which I received stock compensation. There is a fee to register the stock so I am waiting to see if the stock ends up being worth anything before ...
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In which case(s) can one receive Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) before they vest?

I read on (the page is configured not be mirrored): With RSUs, you are taxed when the shares are delivered, which is almost ...
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Which version of turbo tax has "The cost basis is incorrect or missing on my 1099‑B" in TurboTax in the case of vested RSUs?

The RSU cost basis is incorrect on my 1099-B' and it repost 0. Before the stock was available to me and company sold some of my shares as tax deduction.
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Do I own vested RSUs that have a 2-year block once I have resigned?

I have resigned from my position today after 21 months in my role. I do have some vested RSU that have a 2-year block (i.e. that can be exercised in November 2019). I have paid taxes on these RSUs. ...
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