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A specific retirement plan in US. Related US specific retirement plan tags "Roth IRA" and "401K"

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Mega Backdoor Roth: Withdrawal consequences for in-plan vs out-of-plan conversion

My employer allows after-tax 401k contributions, and has an option for automatic quarterly after-tax 401k -> Roth 401k in-plan conversions. The other option for executing the mega backdoor Roth is to ...
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401k strategy for non-resident Indian planning to return to india

Scenario is for L/H visa holder who is earning salary in USD. The person also has employee sponsored 401k plan. The visa expires in 5 years and person would like to return at that time to India ...
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Tax calculation question from Forbes article

From this article, When To Use Pre-Tax Vs Roth 401(k) Contributions, I'm confused on how the 31% difference was calculated from the given example: For example, if your household taxable income is $500,...
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What are the rules regarding early withdrawal of contributions from a Roth IRA after a rollover from a solo Roth 401(k)?

Plan Open a solo Roth 401(k) (I'm self-employed) and contribute roughly $50,000 during the first year Wait some amount of time, if necessary? Rollover the Roth 401(k) into my existing Roth IRA ...
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Can there be different After-Tax contribution limits for HCE and NHCE in a Mega Backdoor Roth 401k?

Is it possible in a 401k plan with Mega Backdoor Roth to have different After-Tax contribution amount limits for each employee depending on whether they're part of the HCE or NHCE group? For example, ...
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Do I need to report contributions to a Solo Roth 401(K) plan every year?

I am self employed. I recently shutdown my individual 401(K) plan at E*Trade. There was also a Roth 401(K) plan also. I am not sure if it is one plan or two. I have been told by somebody at E*Trade ...
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Solo 401K with a Solo Roth 401K and MEGA Backdoor Roth

In 2020, I have worked as both a sole proprietor / individual contractor with no employees and as a W2 part-time employee. I am 41 yrs old (under 50) and will have multiple streams of income in 2020: ...
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Rule 55 with a Roth 401k

If I wish to use Rule 55 with a Roth 401(k) and withdraw the entire amount at age 55, would I have to pay tax on the full amount?
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convert 401k after tax contribution to roth 401k

My company recently introduced a Roth 401K option to the traditional 401k retirement account. I have some existing after-tax contributions (~ $80,000 or so). If I convert this to a Roth 401K, my ...
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Why would an employer 401(k) plan prevents Roth assets from being exchanged into the SDBO Self-Directed Brokerage Option (SDBO)?

A Self-Directed Brokerage Option (SDBO) allows 401(k) plan holders to invest their 401(k) money directly into U.S. Equities, ADRs, ETFs, Publicly-traded Limited Partnerships, Publicly-traded REITs, U....
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What are the pros and cons of having a higher taxable income during retirement?

I am listing the pros and cons of pre-tax 401(k)/IRA (a.k.a. traditional 401(k)/IRA) vs. Roth 401(k)/IRA, in addition to what I read on choose Roth 401(k), or traditional 401(k). One of the ...
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