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In US tax law, an IRA rollover made directly from one trustee to another.

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Do I endorse a direct rollover check?

I had a 401(k) from a previous employer at Fidelity. For some reason they won't send funds directly to another institution so they sent the check to me but made payable to ETrade FBO (My Name) Do I ...
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Is there a best time to rollover 401k from previous employer to current employer?

I am in the process of doing this. I was wondering if there is a best time? Like, if I rollover when the stocks are on a high. I talked to Fidelity and they told me it's tax free as both my previous ...
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How to correct periodic excess Roth IRA contributions, with Direct Rollover within the same timeframe?

In 2019, I accidentally contributed to my Roth IRA, despite my income being over the limit. I made periodic contributions of $200 every month, totaling $2400, which I plan to remove before the April ...
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What is "IRS compliance testing" for terminated 401k plans?

I have a 401k through a previous employer. That employer recently ceased operations, and as part of that, terminated their 401k plan. As such, the employer directed myself and other employees to fill ...
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any danger doing and in-service withdrawal and having it be a direct roll-over?

I'm eligible (old enough) to take an "in-service withdrawal" from my 401K plan (at fidelity). I want to do a "direct-rollover" to Vanguard (my IRA). I spoke to a fidelity csr and they said they would ...
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Is a distribution triggered by writing a check from one IRA account to another

Is a distribution triggered by writing a check from one IRA account to another IRA account? I have checks for a traditional IRA account at bank-A. I opened another traditional IRA account at bank-B ...
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401k Rollover with TSP

I have been researching what do with a an old 401k and there is a lot of information on the pros and cons of rolling it over into a new 401k plan versus an IRA. I also have a TSP account with a small ...
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Help me understand this sentence on a 401(k) distribution / rollover form

In February I changed jobs. My former job provided a 401(k), and my new job also provides a 401(k). I am filling out the forms to do a direct rollover from one to the other, for the full amount. The ...
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Funding an HSA with a one-time rollover from an IRA: Documentation trail

I know it's possible to make a one-time rollover from an IRA to an HSA (i.e., up to the amount allowed by the HSA). It's possible I already did this about 10 years ago. The paperwork I have on hand ...
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Can I do periodic rollovers from my low-perfoming 401k to an IRA?

My current 401k performs poorly, and has a very limited selection of funds. I do Roth contributions, with non-Roth employer matching. My Roth IRA allows me to select funds that perform significantly ...
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Transfer 401(k) after starting distributions

I retired at end of Q1 2013 at age 64. I immediately started drawing monthly distributions from my 401(k) plan. Would it be possible to transfer the balance of this 401(k) to another 401(k) or some ...
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Roll over Post-1986 401(k) to Roth IRA

I have a 401(k) that only has "post-86 after-tax" contributions and earnings. I left the company and was thinking about rolling over the whole balance to a personal Roth IRA. This would be a direct ...
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How can I transfer and consolidate my 401k's and other options?

I have read on Personal Finance & Money that you can keep any and all of the 401(k)s or other options that you've had through previous employers. But how are you able to transfer them all into ...
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Why is spousal consent being required for rolling over a 401k?

My wife is having trouble rolling over her 401k (with ING, now Voya Financial) from her previous job into her Vanguard IRA. Apparently she needs my permission to roll the account over because it's a ...
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Roth 401k rollover into Roth IRA: How are earnings handled?

I have a Roth 401k from a prior employer and I want to roll it into a Roth IRA. For simplicity, let's assume there are no pre-tax employer match funds in the 401k, only my after tax contributions and ...
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Should I open an individual 401k account?

I am looking for some advice on what to do with the Money from a previous employer 401k. I currently have the checks that were issued to the trust of my new employer's 401k service. I have not sent ...
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IRS letter about 401(k) rollover not shown on return

I got an IRS letter that states my return does not match the records they have from others. In particular, it shows I reported $0 but they were reported a non-zero amount for taxable retirement ...
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