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Selling UK inherited shares when resident abroad in a non permitted jurisdiction

I have recently inherited a small number of shares from my mother. These are held by COMPUTERSHARE on behalf of AVIVA. I am executor and sole beneficiary and am trying to liquidate the estate. ...
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H1B married to F1 visa now has H4 visa and both have been in the US for 5 years and both are working can file taxes as married filing separately?

If recently married with both spouses have been in the US for 5 years and both work full time in the US as a H1B and H4, can we file as residents married filing separately? Both have a social security ...
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What is a Non-resident alien?

I left the US 3 years ago. Now I only occasionally visit the US for short visits. Am I still a non-resident alien? I googled online and only found its definition in an "everything else" ...
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File Dual Status tax with one W-2

I worked for a US company for the whole year but only became resident alien in May. How should I file tax as dual status? Should I split the amount on W2 between 1040 and 1040-NR, and then attach a ...
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J1 teacher resident vs non resident

I would like to find out if I need to do my taxes as resident or non resident. I would really appreciate if anyone can take a look at my particular case and let me know their opinion, before I choose ...
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Tax filling status for a foreigner from F-1 to H-1B and back to F-1

I came to the US to study on an F-1 visa in September 2013 and graduated in March 2015. Since then, I have been working on an F-1 OPT visa. In Oct 2015, my visa changed to H1B. In Sep. 2018, I ...
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New Green Card holder- Bank Accounts in India

I and my wife recently (2 months ago) received our green cards (family - parent based). We came to US at the end of January, and received GCs in Sept. Due to Covid-19, we got stuck up in US. I opened ...
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Necessity of filling Form 1116 or Form 2555

I left the USA in February 2019, pass the substantial presence test for 2019, and am filing my US taxes as resident alien. Just on my US sourced income, I do not owe any taxes and don't need any ...
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