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Questions tagged [repayment]

For all situations involving paying money back to a borrowed source, such as a loan.

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UK student loan default payment for living abroad is lower than how much I should pay based on earning. Can I just pay the default?

I'd like to preface this by saying that if I am legally required to pay the higher amount, then of course I will. But as any human (presumably), I would prefer to pay less. I am also on Plan 1 for ...
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What counts as 'qualified government orders'?

In 2008, we received a first time home buyer credit. In 2010, I became a government employee. In 2015, I transferred to a new position in a new city which made me part of the intelligence community. ...
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Are all my sources of income considered when calculating the repayment of my student loan?

Actually, I have two questions. I have a student loan income-based repayment, from my studies in the UK. Are any other income sources rather than my salary considered?. For example, a rent I get from ...
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I have not paid my bill to Ability GmbH due to medical tragedy and moved to India what happens

It will be helpful if I find answer for this. I was working in Germany and there I registered in some dating site which I forgot after I moved to India due to my medical tragedy and now I am in ...
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Can I refinance my spouse's student loan?

In the recent 2 years my wife and I aggressively paid off a lot of debt in credit cards (leveraging some zero-fee, low fee balance transfer and using the money from sale of my stocks and our salaries)....
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Loan forgiveness and increased income, living abroad

I am intending to pursue student loan forgiveness at the end of my 20 year period and am currently enrolled in the PAYE plan. My AGI on my income taxes for the past few years while living abroad was $...
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