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Renting a basement suite out for income, that has a lower ceiling - Data on percentage of renters to consider this a deal breaker [closed]

I'm in the market to move out, and I'm eyeing bungalows, mostly those that are built in the 1950's and 1960's in Winnipeg, Canada. I'm wanting to live on the main floor and have a tenant occupy the ...
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Pre-qualification screening for apartment rentals on apps like Zumper. How honest should I be?

I'm looking to move from one - expensive - rental apartment to another, similar priced. Now my circumstances are that I am semi-retired, starting a business and with more than enough money in the bank ...
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Landlord cashed cheque from government rent support and said he didn’t receive it

A legal question as a tenant in Alberta, Canada: Over Covid my fiancé qualified for some rent support. They sent three supplement cheques directly to our landlord. He said he only received two, but we ...
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Is it a bad idea to buy a home with the intention of renting out a room?

With my lease expiring soon (house with 2 roommates), I am looking to purchase a home with total cost of debt, tax, expected maintenance, and insurance less than my current rent payments (or within $...
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Skipping the last rent payment?

I have a landlord who said that I will need to pay another month's rent because I missed informing him of my move out date by 5 days. He wanted a 20 days notice, but I gave him 15 days. Therefore, he ...
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Should I carry less renter's insurance if I can self-insure?

I carry the minimum amount ($10,000 coverage for possessions) of renter's insurance my landlord requires (due to the $100,000 of personal liability coverage that comes with it). Every expert resource ...
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what is repayment money for renting lets in UK?

I am almost about to sign a year's worth of tenancy agreement for a house in London. There is 4 weeks rent worth of Deposit and 8 weeks rent worth of Repayment to be paid in the beginning of the ...
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Do I need to have a formal rental contract to get renters insurance?

My girlfriend is going to college for the next 4 years and her parents just bought her a condo to stay in while she is at school. I will be staying in it with her, and there is a room for her parents ...
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How could I find someone to find a room for me to live in? (For a fee, of course.)

I am a young adult looking for a room near the college I'll be attending. I am not experienced or good at looking for housing, and I don't really have the time to shop around because I work full time. ...
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Apartment Security Deposit refunds in Maryland

I paid $158.00 security deposit in April 1972. How much should I get back? I moved out on June 30, 2015 with no deductions for damages. I lived in Maryland.
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Rental Application Fees

I've been trying to find a new apartment. Each application I've submitted cost between $20-$35 and I've yet to find a new place. A lot of these places have me just write out a check which I never see ...
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Claim rental expenses as a tax credit

If I am renting the apartment I live in, can I claim part of the rent I pay as a tax credit? I am looking at this can-you-claim-rent-in-ontario But it does not mention if you need to be below a ...
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What happens if I don't pay my rent while my lease still has time to run?

I had to move to a new apartment. My current lease is not up for 8 months. In order to terminate my lease early, the contract states that I must pay $1,000 plus the normal rent until a new tenant is ...
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How can a person with really bad credit history rent decent housing?

My ex got evicted out of her apartment for non-payment of rent. This didn't entirely take me by surprise, as she is financially pretty clueless. She attempted to rent another place but given her ...
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Should I get renter's insurance?

I'm thinking about getting a renter's insurance policy. Here's my question: What should I consider when deciding to get it or not? Edited to add: Is it a good idea to get renter's insurance? I'm ...
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