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Questions around the idea of borrowing rather than owning an asset. Could apply to real estate as well as other assets as cars can be rented as well.

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Currently sole owner of a property. My girlfriend is looking to move in with me and is offering to pay 'rent'. Am I at risk here?

I currently own a flat (UK) and have a mortgage for said flat. My girlfriend is looking for a place to stay and it would seem mutually beneficial that she stays with me. She has offered to pay 'rent' ...
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When is it better to rent and when is better buy in a certain property market?

I've been told the average rent for a house should be the house price, minus 3 zero's and that should be how much it should be a week, which I think works out to be about 5% of the house price per ...
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Is rent considered a debt?

I am taking a financial assessment. It asks me: What is your total monthly debt payment (e.g. student loans, vehicles, credit cards, personal loans, etc.)? Then the next questions are about ...
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How to show a landlord what we have in savings?

My wife and I will be moving to a new, major US city soon, and will be renting an apartment. For the first 18 months, we will both be in graduate programs and our income will be rather low, about 2-2....
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First time home buyer - Need suggestions and views on few things

We are a family of 3. Couple with one kid (2nd grade). We have been in states for 13 years. All these years we have been renting. So far I preferred to rent. But the rents are going up. Currently, ...
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Tax implications of roommate rent from unofficial apartment sublet

I'm currently renting a 2/2 apartment in the US that is managed by a REIT (NYSE:MAA). I set it up in which I am the sole responsible lease holder and have added a roommate to the lease as an occupant (...
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Rent or buy with 0 down

In the area I currently live, we are experiencing massive population growth. Land and house prices haven't risen as fast as rent, to the point that renting is now at least 3-4x as expensive per ...
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I co-signed on an apartment for a now ex-boyfriend who refuses to pay. What can I do?

I co-signed on an apartment with my ex-boyfriend when I was 18 and he was 21. We broke up. I am now 26 and it has been in collections for years. He refuses to help pay the debt. I am now stuck with ...
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In the US, is it normal to not include an electronic way to pay rent?

A property manager requires rent to be paid using check. Is it normal that rent cannot be paid using electronic methods such as a credit/debit card, or a bank transfer, or Paypal, or anything ...
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8 answers

Math Behind Buying a House

Is following calculation correct? I spend $1500/month on average on rent. If I rent for the next 3 years, I would be spending $54,000. I can buy a house for $220,000 today and spend the same amount ...
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7 answers

Tax consequences of paying "rent" to romantic partner that owns the house

I moved in with my romantic partner nine months ago. My partner owns 100% of the property and pay about $1000 per month to the mortgage (minimum is something like $300). Partner had no intention of ...
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5 answers

How does one effectively negotiate rent?

I'm going to rent an apartment in a major urban area in the next few months. When I drive around the area where I want to rent I see numerous "For Rent" signs. Also when I look online there are ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How to lower my rent when it is listed as less than what I am paying

I live in a large apartment complex that opened last year. I just moved in mid-July 2013 signing a 12-month lease. As of today, the apartment complex is about 30% occupied. There are many units ...
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Buying a house for a shorter term

I've lived under the impression that it is never wise to buy a house (as your home) unless you are planning to live there "at least five years" (or something like that). But is this necessarily ...
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If I'm the only one on the mortgage, do I have to count my significant other's payments as rent for tax purposes?

Lets say I take out a mortgage to buy a house, and I'm the only borrower on the loan. My girlfriend's dad gifts me $125k to pay the down payment. She and her parents go on the title, along with me. ...
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How to divide up utilities when one tenant's rent includes utilities, but others' don't?

This is an extension of my question asked here. Four roommates are living together. Two are co-tenants, who hold the lease, and the other two sublet from the co-tenants and pay rent and utilities to ...
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Why do car rental companies prefer/require credit over debit cards?

Renting a car frequently requires a credit card. At best, renting a car is more of a hassle with a debit card. Sure, I'm using their stuff, but putting a £1000 hold on my Visa Debit should work just ...
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Renting Out A Spare Room UK

I'm in the process of buying a two bed property and have a few friends interested in renting out the spare room. Looking into it, it seems this would be taxable income though there is the rent a room ...
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Can my rent to own equity be used as a downpayment?

Here is my scenario. Homeowner wants $296,000 Will give me letter stating that I have 20% down payment as a result of rent payments being applied toward purchase price. My question is...does the ...
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Lease ends May 28, 2018; but, moving out today (4/29)

My lease ends on May 28, 2018 and I’m moving in with my uncle today (4/29) because it’s more cost efficient. I will still be paying the rent for the month of May as it’s the last month in my lease and ...
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Why don't most unfurnished rentals in the US accept the option of paying rent upfront, instead of doing credit checks?

In the US at least, if you want to rent a home found on a typical rental listing site like Trulia/Zillow/, the owner (an individual or a property management company) makes you ...
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If I have a lot of debt and the housing market is rising, should I rent and slowly pay off my debt or buy and roll the debt into a mortgage?

I'm a Canadian divorcee who walked away from marriage with debt. I have a great income, but I owe $60K on a line of credit and credit card debt as a result of litigation. I pay $1,500/month in rent. ...
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How to divide up utilities amongst tenants? [duplicate]

Let's say I have two tenants who share my apartment with me. It is agreed that utilities shall be divided equally amongst us. However, one tenant has, as part of his lease, a stipulation that all ...
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I just started a new job in D.C. and looking to buy my first home. I have a few questions, and any help I can get would be very much appreciated

Background: I just got a new job in downtown D.C. and I'm interested in buying my first home since interest rates are low and I have excellent credit (750-ish). I will be making 130K a year. I have ...
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How hard is it to rent an apartment with high assets, but little income?

Let's say someone has high assets (say, over a million), but currently has no salary, but do have passive (interest and dividends) income. How difficult would it be to rent an apartment? I've heard ...
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How to pay (and account for) the portion of rent (or fuel) for business use (LLC)?

I co-own an two-member LLC with my wife. We're in the US. We own a car, and rent a home. For operating our LLC, we'll use a separate room exclusively and regularly for business use only (admin and ...
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Math Behind Buying a House with Calculations

This is a follow-up question to Math Behind Buying a House As many answers pointed out, my calculations in the previous question were flawed. What do you think about the updated calculations below ...
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Renting or Buying an House

We are a young couple who are renting apartment near NYC. It has been almost 4 years that we have been renting and after every couple of years we had to move to a newer location and every time our ...
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