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Would it be possible to exclude relocation reimbursement from income if I incurred it in 2017 but received in Feb-2018?

I have recently filed 2017 taxes and received my refund. There, I'd some qualified excludable moving expenses under W-2 column 12d (code P). However, I had not submitted all of relocation expenses ...
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What should I consider when claiming relocation expenses in a particular year?

I recently changed jobs with my employer offering relocation assistance as part of the compensation package. I have up to a year to claim the relocation expenses, which consist of the usual items: ...
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Are there tax implication on buying US stock while on a job transfer?

I work for a startup company in San Francisco and will be transferring to our London Office in April. Right now, I have vested a little over half of my allotted shares with the company, but have yet ...
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