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My credit card company is asking for my current income citing "Federal Regulations"

So I received an e-mail today from a bank from whom I have an existing credit card as follows: To consider you for a future credit line increase, federal regulations require us to have your ...
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Can a single share of stock be shorted multiple times?

Is it possible for a single share of stock to be shorted multiple times? Concrete example: Imagine we have five people with the following motivations: Person A owns a share of company ABC and wants to ...
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Is there a limit on the dollar amount of a personal check?

Is there a limit on the dollar amount of a personal check?
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What exactly happens during a settlement period?

As I understand it, the settlement date is the date when ownership of an asset is officially transferred to a buyer. I do not understand why this is not, generally, equal to the transaction date. It ...
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Is this investment opportunity problematic?

I recently got an email from a close friend of mine, that goes something like this: We're looking to sell our rental house and buy a new one. We found one we like, but the housing market is very ...
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Is it possible to violate SEC rules within a retail brokerage account?

I am a small buy-and-hold investor. I recently asked a question about pump and dump scams: Will I be investigated if I regularly profit from pump and dump scams? One interesting comment by user @Steve-...
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How to continue using the online banking feature of GnuCash (AqBanking) with PSD2 in effect?

I'm running GnuCash 2.6.19 (with AqBanking on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. Ever since the European Commission's Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) came into effect online banking with the ...
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Will I be investigated if I regularly profit from pump and dump scams?

Suppose I regularly profit from other people's pump and dump scams (assume that this is possible). I don't organize these scams (they are illegal); I merely hop on and hop off at the right times (...
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Robinhood Reg T Call, please explain

I receive an email from Robinhood today that I do not understand. (*value's fictional but in ratio) Our records show that there wasn't a sufficient deposit or liquidation in your account ...
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Can a company control its stock through contracts with stockholders?

A question yesterday, Can a company refuse to sell stock?, had asked about if a company could prevent sale of its stock to certain parties. The accepted answer was that, no, a company can't put ...
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Is there a law or regulation that governs the maximum allowable interest amount that can be charged on credit cards or in agreements where credit is extended?

When I worked in the corporate world, I remember dealing with a company from the U.K. who cited a U.K. regulation on maximum interest/finance charges that necessitated a change in their contract. ...
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In the USA, is it illegal for a group of people to agree to purchase or sell a particular stock?

I am researching this as a part of a story plot involving hundreds to thousands of people who are members of a religious organization and who have agreed to buy and sell a particular company's shares ...
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Is the no surcharge rule universal with regard to credit card purchases?

I am referring to this question. My situation is similar, except that I am in Malaysia rather than US. In US it is understood that it's part of their merchant agreement that they can not ...
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Why do some options trade in 5 cent increments?

SPXU appears to not be effected by TSPP, as I see bid ask prices for penny increments. I'm not sure any other definitive way to tell without actually attempting to enter an order. However, options ...
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Can shares be trades outside of an exchange?

If a company's shares are listed on an exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ) is it allowed to trade them privately (i.e. one owner to another), without the trade being registered on the exchange?
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Can brokers execute my OTC stock orders at inferior prices by "trading through"?

I am aware that FINRA-registered broker-dealers have to follow FINRA Rule 5310 (Best Execution and Interpositioning). But are OTC stocks (OTCQX, OTCQB, OTC Pink) subject to the Order Protection Rule ...
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Licensed and registered in Vanuatu, but not searchable

On the Topic Markets website we can find the following statement in the footer: LEGAL: Topic Markets Limited is licensed and registered in Vanuatu by the Vanuatu financial service commission under ...
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