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Transfer of shareholders for public company redomiciliation

A public company that I own stock in wants to change its domicile. I can see that ordinary shares (not referring to the DRs) of the company is listed on three exchanges in three countries, lets call ...
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How do you pay other countries' sales taxes when selling internationally?

All OECD countries have a broadly based consumption tax of varying rates: They go under different names, for example, in Australia it's the 'Goods and Services Tax (GST)', and in Denmark it's the '...
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I would like to make my savings work for me: is the "Rich dad, poor dad" a good resource?

I have one source of income (my job) and I've never been interested in investing. Now I need to, because my employer has been quite happy with my job and it has been rewarding me with RSO (Restricted ...
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I'm looking for good book recommendations on investments [duplicate]

I'm looking for a list of reliable books/University level textbooks on Investing. All kinds of books from introductory to expert, so that I can become an expert.
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Theory/Strategy for pricing by volume

I don't know if this is the right SE site for this question. If not please advise. I found a "price-theory" tag, but if there are other relevant ones, please feel free to add them. I'm running a ...
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Recommendation for learning fundamental analysis?

I want to understand those various measures of stocks and companies, such as PE, PEG, ..., which I can find from Yahoo Finance etc, and how those measures can help in choosing stocks. I guess that ...
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Impact of Extreme Situations such as WW2 on "legendary" Investors' Returns?

I am looking for reference material. I am trying to get some sort of outlining to questions such as: why did so many US companies become global-dominating after the WW2? could such domination be ...
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What are some (beginner) introductory books about Technical Analysis of Stocks? [closed]

I read Technical Analysis for Dummies...and am looking for a more detailed insight into the topic.
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