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Investment analysis software [closed]

I'm looking for software for investment analysis. It should be able to calculate and visualize: NPV Net present value of an investment after 3, 5, 10 years IRR Internal rate of return ROI Return ...
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spx vertical bull put price selection

I just started trading SPX vertical bull put spreads. Had a few winners but am not sure about picking the right credit prices. It seems like system always recommends mid prices for opening or closing ...
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How to deal with Cryptocurrencies? [closed]

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I figured I'd post here since it's for questions about Money and Investing. Lately I've been looking at cryptocurrencies and I want to speculate ...
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Search for budgeting app / web service handling automated sync and multiple currencies [closed]

I went trough quite a few budgeting web services / phone apps with the features below and could only found one (PocketSmith), but it suddenly stopped syncing EU banks. It would be great to have any ...
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What books would be must-read books on personal finance? (Not investing!) [closed]

So let me start off with saying that I wanted to add 2 tags (or similar) I couldn't find: soft-question, non-investing. I've been looking online for the most recommended books on personal finance, ...
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How to analyze personal record? And how to improve recording?

I have the record of my bank account movements back from mid of 2013. It consisnt of date, 'description', change and balance. There are 1300 entries. Most of the descriptions are undescriptive, like '...
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Current salary plans - criticisms and suggestions for improvements for a 21 year old

Hi everyone. I am 21 years old, working full time for the government as a Web Developer, and I'm looking to make the smartest decisions for my money. Assuming I get $2100 per fortnight, my planned ...
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Book recommendation for beginners [closed]

I am 22 years old and don't know anything about investing, no knowledge whatsoever. I want to learn about it, and the problem is that there are a lot of books in this subject that I don't know where ...
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Summary of analyst views

Is there a service (report, webpage, etc) that summarize views of different investment banks, research companies at a regional market level. For example: Equities US: JP Morgan: Overweight; BCA: ...
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Cheapest way to trade ETF and mutual funds in UK for an ISA account?

I'm new to UK and currently only have a cash ISA account at a major bank. I'd like to have ETF/mutual funds instead, but the bank's administrative fees for these assets feels way too high. I found ...
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Do I need to keep paper records for my business?

Do I need to keep paper records of invoices, receipts and anything else required for running a business? Ideally I am hoping that scanned copies are sufficient when running a business.
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Why don't institutions share stock recommendations like Wall Street analysts?

The article Track Institutional Buying, Not Analysts states that: Mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors rely on their own research. Contrary to ...
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Day Trading introductory books

I realize that day trading is considered to be highly risky, but the subject fascinates me and I would like to learn more about it as well as read about past experiences, both good and bad. Do you ...
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Totally new to finance, economy, where should I start?

I'd like to get to get some theoretical knowledge about finance before I start to invest. My goal would be to eventually trade on the stock market. What are some good books/resources for beginners ...
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Looking for online sources for historical currency data / exchange rates. Recommendations? [closed]

Is there any online service that provides (in any format whatsoever) historical foreign exchange rates, with bid/ask values? Intra-day would be preferred, but end-of-day is also of interest.
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Investment Portfolio Analysis: Could you recommend software or a web application with these features?

I'm looking for software to track my various investments. I have brokerage accounts at TDAmeritrade, Interactive Brokers and ShareBuilder (now part of ING). I also have a 401K at ING. What I'd like ...
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What kind of traditional IRA should I use to hold funds from old employer 401K plans?

Further to another question I asked , if I am going to open a traditional IRA to hold funds consolidated from old 401K plans, what should I be looking at for the most flexibility? There are lots of ...
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