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How do I convert an annual inflation rate into a monthly rate? - More data version

I know there was already some similar question, so far I didn't find satisfying answer. I try to calculate EU zone month-to-month inflation based on figures from EuroStat. They provide monthly ...
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Why is VTIP not tracking inflation?

A while back I moved a portion of my wealth into inflation protected bonds as I needed a store of value that could preserve my purchasing power through the current high rates of inflation we were ...
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Are there good ways to hedge against a combination of high inflation & rising rates?

I have saved some money that I would like to use in the next 1-3 years to start a company. In the meantime I would like to make sure that inflation does not eat up into my accumulated capital. I am ...
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How does one calculate the following loan problems? [closed]

1.) Calculate the total interest to be paid on the loan during it's lifetime. Compute for BOTH compound interest and simple interest models. Start Principal = $21,315.00, Date of Disbursement = 9/...
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Advice/Experiences, Auto Insurance, Florida, 18 years old [closed]

I am in Florida, United States. I have recently bought a reliable (however temporary) 2004 Chevrolet Colorado (rear wheel drive, maroon colored pickup truck). I have done a lot of research but I'm ...
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Computing risk-neutral probability of spot rates

I am trying to use a binomial model to price options wtih bonds as the underlying security.If the current term structure is flat at 6%, but next year, I assume the one-year spot rate will be either 5% ...
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Independent contractor rates for web development

I've worked at full time salaried positions my entire working career so far as a web developer. I'm now transitioning to a part time position working on projects for a 2-person agency (they find ...
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What is meant by one being in a "tax bracket"?

I've always wondered but just now asking: What is meant by one being in a "tax bracket"? Does that mean only Federal, or does it include State AND Federal? For example: I (would like to) make $100K a ...
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Does a savings account's advertised "APY" account for compound interest?

From what I've read, typically "APY" typically refers to the effective interest rate of an account (or loan) over the year, while accounting for compounding effects -- for instance,
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UK Business rates if multiple businesses/partners operate in the same unit

I can't find an answer for this anywhere... If a business property is rated at £10k and we figure out the business rates as such: 
£10,000 (rateable value) x £0.462p (multiplier) = £4,620 (basic ...
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How many hours I worked per week?

How can I answer this question (How many hours you worked per week) for my insurance application, if I worked on call, as an interpreter? Sometimes I had an assignment for 2 hours once a week, ...
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Why do interest rates increase or decrease?

Do interest rates increase based on what the market is doing, or do they solely increase based on what the Federal Reserve sets them at? Why is it assumed that interest rates are going to increase ...
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Forex, trading "currencies" or trading "relations"?

I'm newbie in Forex and have a simple question, I guess. Disregarding leverage and things alike, I would like to know what's the difference between opening a position in Forex on a pair through a ...
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Is there a generally accepted term for fractions of Currency Units?

If you imagine in the stock market prices are often quoted to many decimal places. For example: USD 27.4955 This smells like a monetary value e.g. it has a currency code and a value however it doesn'...
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Calculating Future and Present value into mortgage comparisons

I'm looking to buy a home in the next 3 or 4 months. The bank I'm working with has 10 different mortgage rates, currently ranging from 3.5% to 4.625%, with points respectively ranging from 2.875 to -1....
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How do I convert an annual inflation rate into a monthly rate?

For the sake of argument, let's say that the annual rate is 12%. What is the corresponding monthly rate and how do I compute that? I'm assuming it's not as simple as 1%, and there is some compound ...
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Where can I find the latest and best US CD rates online? [closed]

Where can I find the latest and best US CD rates online? I'm looking for a clean site that provides updated rates, and can also notify me when CD rates change.
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