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If you make a certain amount of money, is inflation less of a factor when seeking a raise

My background: I'm 32 Live in California (US) I make $25/hr I'm married (spouse brings in income as well) At my current job I have usually received good raises percentage wise (~8-10% each time), ...
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Paying Taxes on a Bonus Check

In this article, "How to Avoid Paying Taxes on a Bonus Check" it suggests the following: Strategies to manage the taxes you’ll have to pay on a bonus fall into two camps. First, you can ...
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My company is being acquired, pay?

Recently, I was informed by my employer, our start up company is being acquired by a larger firm. I have been asked to exercise my shares, which I have. The only question I have is regarding pay ...
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Is 50K Salary Jump Worth No 401K Benefit

I currently make $75K and my employer offers a 3% match on my 401K. I have now been offered an exceptional job making $120K but there is no retirement plan offered. In CA by 2022 all employers will ...
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What exactly is a "bad," "standard," or "good" annual raise? If I am told a hard percentage and don't get it, should I look elsewhere?

Is there a percentage threshold for a hypothetical "bad," "standard," or "good" annual raise? I supposed a bad raise would be no raise at all and I hear a typical raise is around 3%, which barely ...
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Which is more meaningful for individuals - inflation or cost of living adjustment?

I'm helping provide a neutral review of payscale changes at my office (as a non-financial person) and I'm not sure which metric to use when comparing pay raises to financial change. I understand the ...
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Everyone got a raise to them same amount, lost my higher pay than the newer employees [closed]

Long story short, I work in retail as a part-time employee. I have worked there over two years through college which limits my hours to weekends only during Spring/Fall semesters. I have never ...
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I got a raise from 50,000 to 65,000, and paycheck calculator says that I should take home $867

Hi I recently got a raise and wanted to calculate how much I would take home, and I get paid weekly. If my salary is 65000, I live in NYC, and my weekly paycheck is $867, that is more than 30% of my ...
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What to write in a salary negotiation letter?

Where I work we have a yearly opportunity to get a raise. The amount is always $100 extra a month, and only 25 of the 500 employees will get it. So I will be competing with managers, researchers, and ...
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Is it better to ask for a raise before a spin-off / merger or after?

I work for a company that was just bought (and merged) a little while ago, and now that parent company is planning to spin us off into our own company again. Since I'm not entirely sure of everything ...
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Working at same place 2 years & my colleagues got a salary increase but I didn't. Should I ask my boss why?

I have worked at a doctors practice for two years. Some of my collegues have made a year working in this practice, but they have increased their salary. I didn't get an increase when they did. What ...
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How much is inflation?

I'm sure it's different every year (and may even differ by country?), but surely there must be a minimum increase salaried workers would have to earn in order to simply break-even, relative to the ...
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How much would be a fair raise or salary increase to ask for at work?

I have not got a raise at work for some time - almost two years - and I think I am due. I did not ask during the crisis because other companies were laying off, etc. Mine didn't lay off, we actually ...
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