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What happens when a public company fails to file their quarterly earnings reports?

I'm not a very experienced investor, but I recently came across some publicly traded stocks, such as FTCH and NEGG, that have both failed to file their quarterly earnings reports. FTCH for a single ...
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Yearly Reports of Swiss Publicly Traded Companies

In the US on the SEC website ( it is possible to access the filings of publicly traded companies (e.g., 10Q or 10K filings together with other ...
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What are equivalents of 10K and 10Q in India

According to investopedia: A 10-K is a comprehensive report filed annually by a publicly-traded company about its financial performance and is required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (...
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Where is the share price located once Apple releases its Form 10-K? Using for dividend yield calculation and need the price they used

I need to find dividend yield for Apple at the release of their 2020 annual report, Form 10-K. That's it. I can't find it anywhere.
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In the context of corporate profits, what does "back-half" mean?

Today, the following was reported: Clorox shares are trading lower after the company reported Q2 results. While the company beat estimates, it said it expects back-half sales to be about flat. What ...
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Does HSBC publish a balance sheet for each of its branch in US, UK and HK?

So HSBC is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. I can only find one report/balance sheet for every fiscal period (quarterly and ...
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How to know when did company made its quarterly balance sheet public?

I want to analyze historical P/E ratio of companies. I can get balance sheets from sites like moneycontrol, but from which date should I use the data from a particular balance sheet? Like if Sept'19 ...
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What are those dates of financial reports means?

There's graph showing the history of financial reports, for example the revenue. Each point has some date, what exactly that date is? Below are pictures of historical reports for revenue for MCDonald'...
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What's stopping a company from intentionally reporting poor guidance to tank the stock and enabling them to buy-back shares at a massive discount?

From Investopedia: Many companies issue disclaimers when they issue forward-looking statements. Despite an implicit understanding that certain statements are largely speculative in nature, the ...
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Where do people get earnings information directly when it's released?

Whenever a company releases its quarterly earnings, I'm sitting on google refreshing waiting for a new article to show up with the details. By the time that happens, generally the stock already ...
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Why MSFT Earnings Release FY18 Q4 is missing in the SEC filings?

I was checking the validity of the data of some fundamental data provider and used MSFT as an example. I was surprised that it doesn't have the latest MSFT Earnings Release for FY18 Q4. The published ...
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Why do public companies give guidance in quarterly reports? [closed]

Warren Buffet and James Dimon recently published an article in the WSJ saying public companies shouldn't give guidance in quarterly reports. From what I understand, they're saying that if a company ...
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Is the announcement of an earnings conference call a good or bad sign?

If a company announces that it plans to host a conference call after the quarterly fiscal report is released, is that predictive of the relative success of that quarter? Is it more likely to be ...
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