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quicken interchange format

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Gnucash imported QIF file not working the same as Quicken - all debits

Good morning: I am a first time poster, long time user of gnucash... I am trying to import a QIF file into gnucash. Gnucash is entering everything as a debit. I can't verify this but am being told ...
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QIF import not matching to existing transactions (Payee contains appended information)

I am downloading my banking transactions and importing into GnuCash (v3.11) via QIF. I have set up auto scheduled payments that are not being matched to imported transactions. GnuCash only seems to ...
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Can ofx files express split transactions?

QIF (quicken interchange format) files support the notion of a split transaction where a given account transaction can be broken down into sub line-items whose individual amounts roll up to the ...
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How do I record a split transaction in a QIF manually?

I am trying to write a QIF file manually so I can learn to convert csv files to QIF myself without a third party app on Linux. I am having difficulty understanding how to record a split transaction. ...
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