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Do I need to merge EPF amount of different companies?

I'm from India. Everyone is saying that there should be only one EPF account, what does that mean? I have a single UAN number and since starting my professional career I have changed 2 employers and ...
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EPF with PPF clarification for salaried person

Suppose a non-government salaried person has an EPF account. Employee Contribution EPF amount 4500 Rs and Employer Contribution EPF amount 4500 Rs What will be the 80C and 80CCC deduction benefit ...
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When exactly in the FY can returning NRIs invest in PPF?

It is said that an NRI cannot open a PPF account. But consider the case of an NRI individual who has recently returned back to India and has no plan for going abroad again. When exactly can this ...
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Can't transfer EPF account due to pension contribution not present

My previous employer has not submitted pension contribution for the initial months of my service. Now I can't transfer/withdraw my EPFO balance from my old PF account to my new PF account under the ...
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Can EPF be withdrawn at this time?

I am considering to withdraw my EPF account, will the return amount be lower if removed now, than waiting for the future as my current situation is bad , as i am leaving my organisation.
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Employees Provident Fund

My age is 35 years. At The age of 24 I Worked in a firm on which provident fund was applied in Jalandhar Punjab in 2007. Three years after I left the job due to depression in 2011. During this period ...
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How to diversify long term retirement investment schemes in India so have sustainable passive income?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) - an Exempt-Exempt-Exempt (EEE) investment tool, I invest max possible in 80c i.e. 1.5 Lakh at the rate of 7.6% per year with a lock in of 15 years. (I would like to extend ...
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Provident Fund transfer from a company which got acquired by another company

My husband has changed job to another company and had not transferred his PF at that time. Later the previous company he was employed in got acquired by another company. Now he has initiated PF ...
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Meaning of EPF codes PUPUN Full Form - Should this not be MHPUN

I have searched PF code meaning for Pune - Maharashtra. It is showing PU/PUN. Generally my understanding is say for Karnataka First two alphabet is KN which means Karnataka state. So Maharastra it ...
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Lumpsum investing in EPF/VPF

Currently, my employer deducts a basic amount from my pay for contribution toward EPF. I have voluntarily increased my share. I want to know if I can deposit a lumpsum into this account. If so, what ...
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2 UAN Numbers allotted to my PAN Number

2 UAN Numbers allotted to my PAN Number (AXXXXXXXXX) as part of my job change. I was allotted a UAN number (UAN1) during my tenure with Company1 in Bangalore, after which I switched over to Company2 ...
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If PF is withdrawn by an NRI staying in USA does it become taxable as per US laws?

I have been service in an Indian company for 10 years and now getting transferred to US. I want to keep the PF and not withdraw as I don't need money and it will earn good 8.5% interest for next 3 ...
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