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Is it a good idea to apply for a credit card with no annual fee, and use it only to get the welcome bonus? [duplicate]

Many credit cards have no annual fee and some welcome bonuses. For example, after one spends over a certain amount in the first say three months, the credit card user gets $200 reward. I am thinking ...
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How to check bank bonus web page from last year?

I opened account in a TD bank. Bank had promotion going on in August 2020. I close account in same bank before 2 years. Promotion T&C was starts with Offer is available to new personal checking ...
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What happens when I make a purchase on a credit card after the promotional purchase window but before interest is due?

Sorry for the poor question title. I couldn't think of a better way to word it. Suppose I have a credit card that offers a promotional no interest for 12 months on purchases made in the first 60 ...
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Is this $200 "welcome money" (from a major bank) some sort of scam?

I googled around (this in the US) about "bank accounts you can open online", I noticed: Notice they will (...
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Can I use Amazon's Visa Card promotion and never use the card?

Amazon has a promotion where they say they will give you 50$ off of your purchase if you sign up for one of their Amazon Visa Cards. Upon approval, your new Rewards Visa Card and $50 ...
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Are 'no interest if paid in in x months' credit cards worth it?

My current laptop is dying the slow death, specifically the charging circuit in the motherboard is failing; the battery charges in another laptop of the same model. I've considered just running it on ...
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Can I get an Amazon Rewards Visa just for the gift card and then close the account?

I have never owned a credit card and am largely undecided about them in general. They have their pros and cons which could be easily found with a simple Google search; my question is more about the ...
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I'm about to be offered equity by my employer. What should I expect?

I'm not expecting to potentially be screwed over in any way (this is being given to me alongside a raise and a promotion so it's more of a cherry on top.) I was told in passing that I'll be vested at ...
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Bank offer for Children's savings account 7% or higher

I heard there are a couple of banks offering 7% or higher interest on Children's savings accounts (Kids under 18) Are these a good investment for my kids? I can't find these offers on the internet, ...
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Is there a catch to offers of $100 when opening up a new checking account?

Is there any hidden catch in offers like this sample offer? I just can't understand what is the idea behind this offer --- What's the benefit for PNC if they give 100$? Sorry if it is a dumb question,...
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Should I finance a new home theater at 0% even though I have the cash for it?

My wife and I are considering buying a home theater - plasma TV & new stereo - on Black Friday this year. We do have the cash for it, but Best Buy is offering 0% financing for up to 3 years on ...
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Is it worth it to use "balance transfer" credit cards, to take advantage of low-rate offered as sign-up incentives?

I'm attracted by the low interest, but scared of having too many credit cards and losing track of payments, or worse, adversely-affecting my credit rating or future borrowing potential by having "too ...
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