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UK tax treatment for structured products with capital at risk

An important class of investment instruments available to retail investors are structured products (SP). These are usually designed to display income-like features (coupons) but whose occurence or ...
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Can people make a profit (in gift cards) when shopping with enough coupons?

According to the following story, someone paid $132.73 for $1,760 worth of goods and also received $245 in gift cards. Cashier: “All right, so from $1,760, you’re down to $132.73, and you’ve earned ...
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What's the best time to start holiday shopping this year?

I am planning and making a list of things I need to buy this Christmas. Can you please tell me the best time to start holiday shopping so I can benefit from best deals online for electronics and etc. ...
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Does a restaurant have to pay tax on a discount?

I have a coupon which gives me 25% discount in a restaurant. Does the restaurant pay tax (and therefore should they charge me tax) on the full amount, pre-discount, or the amount after the discount? ...
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Am I calculating this correctly? Buying a discounted coupon results in more money spent than saved

Here is the scenario I'm sure everyone is familiar with. I am debating on whether or not to buy a gift certificate at a discounted rate from a popular coupon site. Am I doing the math right on this? ...
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Can you use vouchers as tax free bonuses for employees in the UK?

Preface: My brother has now worked for several large banks that have given him vouchers for bonuses (or I believe they called them prizes) for reaching targets. Yet I can find nothing about this ...
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Online Grocery Store sites and privacy

My household has been doing some belt-tightening, so we recently stopped subscribing to the Sunday newspaper. My wife wants to try using online coupon sites (,, Couponcabin....
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