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A private company is a company held under private ownership with shares that are not traded publicly on exchanges.

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Hostile takeover bid to turn company private - how does it work (current context: Musk / Twitter)?

With regard to the current coverage of Musk announcing his wish to turn Twitter into a private company, I'd appreciate some clarification: Twitter stock, according to Yahoo Finance, is owned by ...
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Uk Tax year and limited companies

I want to open a uk private limited company but wondered if there are any advantages to wait a month so it will be registered in the new tax year. I know the financials have to be submitted 12 after ...
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Starting a family fund, owned by a parent company?

first post here. I have been doing some research, but I am still not 100% sure on this. A little background: I live in NY state, have a Bachelors Degree in finance and data analytics. My situation: I ...
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Individual tax from dividend of Georgian Virtual Zone Company

I am programmer. I would like to open Company in Virtual Zone of Georgia. I will be tax resident of Georgia. I do not know what tax should I pay. I will have only clients out of Georgia. So in my ...
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how to transfer ownership of private illiquid shares and what is cost basis?

I own a few shares of a private firm. The shares are registered at Carta, but trading is not allowed. How can I transfer the ownership to my son so that the cost basis would be the price I bought them ...
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What are Fringe benefit employee contributions?

While preparing my company tax return, i came across this curious phrase in the Australian Company income tax return guide (link here) Fringe benefit employee contributions Employee contributions ...
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Would it be tax efficient to create a company to invest though personally

A question, say I have 100k in savings and I pay higher rate tax. In peer to peer saving I could get 8% and there get interest for 8k. And be liable for 3000 tax. So get 5k out. End with 100k ...
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Does Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) apply on Private Limited company - India

I own a small Private limited company in India. And I just received some inward remittance from abroad. Where my bank charged me for using forex services provided them which is almost towards the 1% ...
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Taxation on LLC capital gains

If I formed an LLC with private investors and had short-term capital gains then, Are the capital gains taxed on the amount excluding the dividends/profits paid to investors? Will the investors have ...
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