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The cost of a good or service.

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Valuation of service-based small business

I have a small transcription business that I want to sell, but I'm not sure how much to ask for it. Searching around for evaluating businesses gives me lots of formulas for calculating the value of ...
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Is it possible to see market data for options trading?

Is it possible to see market data for options trading, i.e. that shows all placed option orders? Some brokerage platforms provide "level 2" order book information of all placed stock orders ...
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Why may certificate price be substantially below commodity price?

The Brent Crude oil certificate NL0000202109 currently has a value of ca. 26.50 EUR, whereas the price of the commodity is at 48 USD, a substantial difference. I would expect the certificate's value ...
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Google Sheets GOOGLEFINANCE function won't return Current price of QQQX

Google Sheets GOOGLEFINANCE function won't return Current price of QQQX. I've tried many exchange prefixes like "NASDAQ:QQQX" but still doesn't work. Has anyone got this ticker to display ...
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Total Return Swaps

I am trying to understand better Total Return Swaps and how they are priced (I have heard about projection-based and accrual-based models), can any body recommend good material to read (books, ...
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How are SPX index option prices determined in the 15-minute period after the close?

There are SPX index options that expire every single day now (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). I know that SPX options will trade until 4:00pm ET on the day of expiration. ...
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Using adjusted close vs close + dividend in performance calculation

I'm trying to calculate a portfolio's value using 2 types of calculations. I've tested the calculations on Visa's Feb 21' stock prices. Starting Value: 10k Jan 29,2021 Adjusted Price: 192.95 Jan 29,...
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Price of a Call Option as you Increase the time periods

I'm pricing call options at the moment and seeing how call option prices change depending solely on the periods of volatility. In one case the stock changes every month, the other it changes every ...
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How to price this contract in this scenario?

Here is the question: You want to sell a painting you inherited from a grandparent. There is a 10% chance it is painted by a famous artist, in which case it's worth 100k. There is a 30% chance it is ...
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