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What is the p/e ratio?

What is the p/e ratio and how do I find it for a company?
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Where can you find historical PEs of US indices?

Indices tracking ETFs * DIAMONDS Trust I (ticker: DIA) tracks DJIA * SPDRs (ticker: SPY) tracks S&P 500 * NASDAQ 100 Trust (ticker: QQQQ) tracks NASDAQ 100 * iShares Russell 2000 (ticker: IWM) ...
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How to calculate PE ratios for indices such as DJIA?

I want to record Dow Jones Industrial Average's PE. Yahoo Finance gives N/A [1]: >>> import y_finance >>> print y_finance.get_price_earnings_ratio('^DJI') N/A So: How to ...
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What is the correlation (if any) between earnings report and stock price movement?

This might sound like a dumb question (I'm relatively new to the stock market). I know this doesn't happen, but why doesn't the stock price directly move in accordance to the earnings reported vs what ...
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