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What are "preferred" stocks? How are they different from normal (common) stocks?

What are "preferred" stocks? How are they different from normal (common) stocks that you can buy on a stock exchange?
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How often are preferred shareholders made whole after a company goes bankrupt?

For instance, companies usually issue preferred shares at $25 and redeem them at the same price if they are ever called away. During that time you are paid interest. If the company goes under, bond ...
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Where can I buy preferred stocks as opposed to common stocks?

I'd like to purchase some preferred stocks (or at least look into it), but I am not really sure how I could go about doing this. I currently use Scottrade for most of my investing.
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What does it mean for a company to redeem its preferred stock?

What does this excerpt of legalese mean? Commencing on November 4, 2020, we may redeem, at our option, the Series A Preferred Stock, in whole or in part, at a cash redemption price of $25.00 ...
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Do non-cumulative preferred stocks have to pay dividends?

I am trying to understand preferred stocks. For cumulative preferred stocks, if any preferred dividend payments have been missed, the dividends owed must be paid out to the preferred stockholder first ...
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